May Blessed Francis Xavier intercede or my 12 year-old grandson, 'Robert' so that he continues to live with us.May the hearing see to this.ES

Dear Blessed Francis Xavier, Please help me with work situation. May a suitable place be found for the library and may I have your intercession for my work and University studies. May the exam results be encouraging.ES
For our baby boy Javier,Words really cannot say how we are sorry and how devastated we are that you will not be with us. We love you with all our hearts and will never forget. You will always be a part of our lives and we wish you could have been a part of your sister Ava's life. We are sure she would have loved you very much and took great care of you. Lots of love and forever in our hearts.. mummy and daddy xxx
Please can you pray for the Zoe and Ella Butler (aged 6 and 2) and Reece and Amy Hines (aged 3 and 5 months who died so horribly on Tuesday. May they rest in peace. Please also pray for the people who are grieving their loss.
For peace in the hearts of all men,especially terrorists

Blessed Seelos please pray for my wife Sharmon to open her heart to the Lord love me and reconcile our marriage. In Jesus's name we pray.Amen.Mark Prevost
For all who died and were injured in the skyscraper fire in China.
For those suffering from Cholera in Hiati.PBXVI

Reconciliation between Steve and Gayle and Heather and Alex.Stephen Seiler
Pray for softening of the hardest heart/attitude of Richard D.Jane Taylor
Please pray for me and my household to be delivered from material and spiritual poverty.
Please pray for the sanctification of Joyce, for her to be cleansed in the Precious Blood of Jesus and to be filled with His Holy Spirit, so that her heart is filled with love of God and love of neighbor. Pray for God to grant her the grace of genuine humility, and the strength and courage to work selflessly for the glory of God and salvation of souls in the Lord’s vineyard.Xavier Correia
I want to have children of my own plsssssssssssssssssssssss if you can help me.Angela Enang
Prayer for a complete cure and recovery of kidney cancer for Steve Seiler.Thank you.Love and Prayers,Gayle Seiler
All our Christian brothers and sisters who died in Iraq

Rev. Father Thaer Abdal

Rev. Father Wassim Al-Qas Boutrus

George Ayoub Toubaias

Nabil Elias

Sahem Adnana

Thaer Kamel with his wife Nada and his son Omar

Nada Hamis Stefan

Omar Ousi

Aziz Almyzi

Younan Georgis Alsaour with his son and daughter-in-law and granddaughter

John Younan

Rita Matti Georgis Zora

Sandro John Younan

Maha Naseef Bino with her two sons Wisam and Salam

Salam Adeeb

Wisam Adeeb

Fayez Waedallah Qzazi

Audai Zhair Marzeina Arab

Adam Audai Zhair Arab

Behnam Mansour Paulus Mamika

Ayoub Adnan Ayoub Berjo

Sabah Matti Hamai

Saed Edward Alsaati

Fares Najeeb Philip Anawi

Vivine Naser Maro

Nazir Abdulahad Anai

Fadi Behouda

Mazen Fadil Salim Elias Mahrouk

Abdalla Haddad

Wamek Haddad

RaghdaWafi Bishara

Nizar Jamil Matloub

Noel Nizar Jamil Matloub

Bassam Jamil Al-Khouri

Adnan Jamil Al-Khouri

Bahnam Mikhaeil

Salah Georgis AbdelAhad Qaqo

Christine Nabil Toubaia Katnawi

Raed Saadallah Abdal

Fadi Samir Habib Amso

Ahil Nageeb Aboudi

Nizar Hazem Al Sayegh

Souheila Johnny

Fr Gerard,who passed away very peacefully this morning at 7.45am this morning,( Australia Time) May He rest in peace,Amen.St John Vianney Association

Bl. Seelos, I am so thankful for your relic. I come to you in prayer over my health and medications( you know my private intentions). This situation is desperate. Also, I come seeking your intercession regarding someone very close to me, P, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Please intercede and ask the Lord to heal her and guide those of us who care about her. Give us the strength and wisdom to see her through this trial and help her in the best way possible.J

Phoebe RIP
Marceleno- RIP
Maria Frias RIP
For a couple expecting conjoined twins
Kendal who died aged 1 day for her parents
John- spinal surgery
Giselle RIP.
James for healing
Nadine in an accident seriously burnt
Veronica and Family- lost two children in a road accident under tragic circumstances.
Patty sustained a stroke.
Ouida going for tests
Edinir a much loved mother with bone marrow disease
Nathanel aged 4 brain cancer
Gay with ovarian cancer.
Sue with breast cancer.
Brandon for seriously broken leg, healing far too slowly.
 Kay with lung cancer
A blessing on Andy and Jenny just married
Jennifer- health issues
Terris mother seriously ill
Please pray for my healing of body mind and soul,and for my return to my Catholic Faith.Thank you EWM
For the Christians who died today in Iraq and all who were injured to bombs detonated by Islamic Terrorists.
For Asia Bibi,45 year old Christian mother of 5 sentenced to death for being a Christian.

I would like to pray for a healing on my marriage.After 26 years of marriage that has always been good,my husband is not happy with me.I pray that he can be healed.I pray that Blessed Seelos will intercede this request for me.Allow the Holy Spirit to let him see what is real;that his family is his way to happiness.I also ask for him to see the Holy Spirit in me and to see beauty in me,the way he did before. Amen.Lecia
We need your Prayers for a 12 year old girl named Alicia who what transported to Duke University Hospital in Kidney failure. Her Dad is beyond Heart Broken. Your prayers could turn her condition around and I ask that you have all your friends pray as well. God Bless all-Deacon Vincent P Riacciadi

For my friend Joe Lucia. Please help him be strong. Please take his pain away. I pray for Joe and his blessed wife, Dawn. Mark Givens
Please pray for my younger brother James, God save him. James is 22 years old, our parents where divorced in his first year of life, he was oppressed and emotionally neglected as a child and from innocence wasn't truly encouraged but really systematically pressured to mistrust or not to trust but to be alone, his older brother me, was so "content" to make himself alone and isolated, given to a self-centred world. James’ person-hood was not received. I was not properly a friend to James, my sweet innocent little brother, I didn't allow for the real intimacy that should be foundational to foster any brotherly relationship. This hurt James deeply. No one really taught him the faith - and our family was not at all practicing. Communication is difficult, now even soft talking must be on eggshells and in any case I fail to be interesting. It is as if all forces around him where set to paralyze and suppress him; his person-hood wasn't received and he was given reas
 on after reason to distrust. He dropped out of high school & does not believe he can do anything. Without real communication, every day he spends trapped in his room alone, despairing and in hopelessness, not seeing anything as helpful or a real option - sitting and staring, doing nothing. He has developed an aversion to mercy and relationship. James does not trust the words or intention of our Mother, and lacks what comes from motherly relationship. Though he lives with his mom - they are not at all close, and our relationships are severely damaged. James is missing Hope. His anger hurts him. Please pray for James’ healing, guidance, and for sensitivity to God and his grace

That James
•Be healed from aversion to mercy and relationship
•That he not be lacking in a sense of identity
•That he be guided, and given grace, to take responsibility
•That he be rid of any victim mentality and unhealthy sense of entitlement
•Not be given to unhealthy suspicion or self-centeredness or ruled by anger
•For openness to forgiveness and conversion of his heart to love
•That he trust and speak to God
•Advance to where the Lord is calling him
•Openness and desire for Healing and bring God's love into the equation
•To be rid of desperation, hopelessness, agony and impatience
•To believe he can do good things that are worthwhile
•For Plentiful Redemption-Andrew K
Healing for Ruth Bower White of Blyth Northumberland who has tumour on lung - heart trouble - diabetes and bowel and back trouble.

I ask that I will find a girlfriend well above six feet tall.Ray White

Please pray for the sanctification of my sister Joyce, for her to be cleansed in the Precious Blood of Jesus and to be filled with His Holy Spirit.Xavier Correia

For big financial upliftment and move to a larger home by the sea.RW

Bl. Seelos, Your relic is bringing me strength and calm, but you know I am still facing many challenges. Please, intercede and help me get back on track and work and make it through this very difficult week without cracking. Help me with my medications and the financial worries that are crushing me.Bl. Seelos, please turn the hearts of those that are against me at the moment.J
All the Holy Souls in Purgatory.
In Thanksgiving for all the little saints,especially those in our own families who have made it home to heaven.

For the two Priests and worshipers who were murdered in a terrorist attack on the Syrian Catholic Cathredral of  Our Lady of Salvation in Bagdad today.
Please pray for Antonis who is seriously ill with cancer

I would like to ask for prayers for Niko, a 3 month old baby boy who has pneumonia. The boy comes from a poor family and cannot cope with the medication and hospitalization of the boy. Please pray for healing and provisions. Please pray for the conversion of his parents to Christ.Prior Rommel Banag
Nathanel aged 4 brain cancer
Gay with ovarian cancer.
Sue with breast cancer.
Brandon for seriously broken leg, healing far too slowly.
 Kay with lung cancer
A blessing on Andy and Jenny just married
Jennifer- health issues
Terris mother seriously ill
Christine breast lump
Robert in need of healing
Dorothy- actively dying
Nena- child in an accident while performing gymnastics
Mia- missing child
Glenda- temporal needs
Patty- heart attack
Lucy- temporal and spiritual needs
Cara-great temporal needs
Candy a  mother of nine , for her husband and family
Chris to obtain a job
Thanksgiving for safe arrival of Roan.
Rose post coronary
Marilu and family-temporal needs
Marys mother after a stroke.
Laura- cancer with secondary's
Tom spinal operation
Alisa- 4 year old child who fell on her head and is seriously ill
In thanksgiving for the safe rescue of the Chilean miners
Sharon's mother Ruby urgent prayers
Nick Cresswell- RIP
Diane Moore- RIP
Deacon Florencio-RIP
For the dying and those recommended to our prayers
"Bear" Shaller- Bone cancer
Clare- illness and eating disorder
Teddy - bowel cancer
Louise- post eye operations
Elvira- relief from pain
Zoe & Skylar- two children sick with flu
Julie a young mother with 4 children who has terminal liver cancer
Val Rich -who is suffering from terminal cancer
Surrey Weeks- who has pneumonia
Eleanore- needing healing and grace
Caroline - who is terminally ill and for all her family. 
Wendy - who is very angry and hurt by life -
Nathaniel aged 4 aggressive brain cancer
                              Jimmy - heart transplant.
                                     Stephen- relief from pain
Betty temporal needs
                                                Larry- MS
Carmen, knee surgery

Barb, unable to walk

Jimmy, severe depression

Ray and Julie, dysfunctional family

Chris, prostrate and migraines
Marilyn-peace of mind
Lucy - for complete healing
Mindy-post brain surgery
                         Mari-healing of spinal pain
                   Libby and Josie two very sick babies
     Adam- 8 week old downs syndrome baby                   post        heart operation
                    Elvi and family-temporal needs
                             Brian -heart issues
                       Sully- for the gift of faith
                            Andy to know Jesus
                           Mary-loss of vision
                              Bernie- Cancer
Janet-breast cancer
Jane - health issues
Alberto-daily safety
Gloria - lung cancer
Scott-brain cancer
Thomas-seriously ill
For Ross terminally ill and her family.
                             Bruce terminal cancer
                      Aunt Teresa Miller-for healing
           Lucy's mother in Hungary-heart problems
   Junior Fox and wife- for the  blessings of the Lord
                             Dave- lung problems
James- spiritual and physical healing
                          Carson- sick child
                      Fr Lawrence-healing
                         Gloria-lung cancer
                       Kate-safe pregnancy
                         Gene-health issues
                       Gerry-health issues
                            Jack- sick child
                        Gloria-lung cancer
                      Carol and her mission
                   Gail  for a safe pregnancy
                     Veronica-health issues
   Mike -Miriam and Family-for Gods blessing.
               Adele-serious health issues.
                 Carol-kidney disease
               Terry-temporal needs
               Tomas-brain tumour
           Lorraine for a safe delivery
                Scarlett age 4 cancer
               Cindy- health issues
      Brother Tom-various health issues.
        And the many intentions recommended to the  community

For those serving in the military and their families
Mrs Judy McCloskey and all at
Captain Shane Shores-pray for his soul and family, he committed suicide
Fr Kevin- Military chaplain serving in Afghanistan
Fr Frances- Military chaplain
Christopher serving in the military
For the 101st Infantry  now deployed from the Bay State of Massachusetts, for all their families.
Teddy in Afghanistan
Tony in Afghanistan
Michael in Afghanistan
Will in Afghanistan
Matthew to be deployed
Michael in Afghanistan
Debbie in Iraq
Michael H to be deployed to Afghanistan
Gregory serving with the military