My  husband, Martin Donald Effland has lung cancer, he is 54, and as it almost seems all medical tries have failed him, but I know God hears our prayers, my name is Kim & my husband is a good man of faith and my best friend, please allow intersession of the blessed Seelos be within and without my best friend , to heal and restore to vigor, my beloved,Martin. May God grant you all many years. A thousand thanks, Kim Effland
For the complete healing from multiple myeloma cancer for my friend, Joe Lucia, 42, who is also undergoing hip replacement surgery today. Also for his wife, Dawn, and the rest of his family, that they may stay strong; through the powerful intercession of Blessed Father Seelos, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen.Judy Spurgeon
Please offer mass and prayer intentions to the Blessed Mother and Fr. Seelos asking that my wife Sharmon be converted, return to the sacraments, turn to God, has a change of heart, love me and reconcile our marriage. Please pray that all negative influences and the devil and his influences be removed from her and allow her to grow closer to God and that the Blessed Virgin and Jesus Christ pour down graces on her and allow the Holy Spirit to convert her heart and her mind. Please bless her and watch over her and bring her back to me as soon as possible. Please pray for the forgiveness of our sins. I am in need of a miracle. I ask this in humble prayer to Sts. Philomena, Anthony, Bernadette, Therese, Rita, Anne, The Blessed Mother, Jesus my Savior, the Infant of Prague, and all the Saints, Pope John Paul II, Fr. Englemar, Fr. Solanus and Blessed Fr. Seelos, and St. Padre Pio. Please stop the divorce and bless my wife so that her heart is changed. I ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Blessed Mother, The Holy Spirit and all the Saints. I am truly sorry for all my sins and beg forgiveness. Mark

For the hundreds dead and missing due to the Indonesian Tsunami
Shirley  has ADRENOCORTICAL CARCINOMA which is very rare 1 in every 2 million. There is No Chemical Therapy (CHEMO) for this dieses and only surgery. In many cases surgery is impossible.Please pray for her
Please pray for a peaceful end of the life of Fr Gerard, who has been a faithful loyal servant of God
For Miriam Rosenthal-English on her 47th birthday.

For Bishop Konrad,Newly installed Bishop of Augsburg.
Prayers requests from Ty Mam Duw Poor Clare Colettine Community
A blessing on Andy and Jenny just married
Jennifer- health issues
Mia- missing child
Patty- heart attack
Candy a  mother of nine , for her husband and family
Chris to obtain a job
Thanksgiving for safe arrival of Roan.
Rose post coronary
Marilu and family-temporal needs
Marys mother after a stroke.
Laura- cancer with secondary's
Tom spinal operation
Alisa- 4 year old child who fell on her head and is seriously ill
In thanksgiving for the safe rescue of the Chilean miners
Sharon's mother Ruby urgent prayers
Nick Cresswell- RIP
Diane Moore- RIP
Deacon Florencio-RIP
For the dying and those recommended to our prayers
"Bear" Shaller- Bone cancer
Clare- illness and eating disorder
Teddy - bowel cancer
Louise- post eye operations
Elvira- relief from pain
Zoe & Skylar- two children sick with flu
Julie a young mother with 4 children who has terminal liver cancer
Val Rich -who is suffering from terminal cancer
Surrey Weeks- who has pneumonia
Eleanore- needing healing and grace
Caroline - who is terminally ill and for all her family. 
Wendy - who is very angry and hurt by life -
Nathaniel aged 4 aggressive brain cancer
Jimmy - heart transplant.
Stephen- relief from pain
Betty temporal needs
Larry- MS
Carmen, knee surgery

Barb, unable to walk

Jimmy, severe depression

Ray and Julie, dysfunctional family

Chris, prostrate and migraines
Marilyn-peace of mind
Lucy - for complete healing
Mindy-post brain surgery
Mari-healing of spinal pain
Libby and Josie two very sick babies
Adam- 8 week old downs syndrome baby post heart operation
Elvi and family-temporal needs
Brian -heart issues
Sully- for the gift of faith
Mary-loss of vision
Bernie- Cancer

Janet-breast cancer
Jane - health issues
Alberto-daily safety
Gloria - lung cancer
Scott-brain cancer

Thomas-seriously ill
For Ross terminally ill and her family.
Bruce terminal cancer
Aunt Teresa Miller-for healing
Lucy's mother in Hungary-heart problems
Junior Fox and wife- for the  blessings of the Lord
Dave- lung problems
James- spiritual and physical healing
Carson- sick child
Fr Lawrence-healing
Gloria-lung cancer
Kate-safe pregnancy
Gene-health issues
Gerry-health issues
Jack- sick child
Gloria-lung cancer
Carol and her mission
 Gail  for a safe pregnancy
Veronica-health issues
Mike -Miriam and Family-for Gods blessing.
Adele-serious health issues.
Carol-kidney disease
Terry-temporal needs
Tomas-brain tumour
Lorraine for a safe delivery
Scarlett age 4 cancer
Cindy- health issues
 Brother Tom-various health issues.
Susan Gossiaux's 22 year old daughter was badly injured in an accident. She is in critical condition in Belview Hospital. She attends art school in New York and was struck and rolled over by a truck that jumped the sidewalk on the corner where she was standing with her bike. She has facial fractures, leg and pelvic fractures, and multiple injuries.
Susan has asked for our prayers to help her daughter and family through this difficult time. As of today (10/14) she is breathing on her own.
Susan is the librarian at
Adams Middle school
. Please keep her in your thoughts.
For those serving in the military and their families
Mrs Judy McCloskey and all at Catholicmil.org
Fr Kevin- Military chaplain serving in Afghanistan
Fr Frances- Military chaplain
For the 101st Infantry  now deployed from the Bay State of Massachusetts, for all their families.
Teddy in Afghanistan                       
                           Will in Afghanistan

Michael in Afghanistann
                          Matthew to be deployed
                           Michael in Afghanistan
                                   Debbie in Iraq
              Michael H to be deployed to Afghanistan
                 Gregory serving with the military

Blessed. Seelos, Thank you for listening to my prayers,; my friend will be ok and is accepting help offered to them. I still need your help, though. I have ordered one of your relics from the Seelos Center and will tape it to my shoulder. Please intercede and help my shoulder heal without surgery. There is also some strife at work due to multiple factors and I do no want to hurt anyone, but their behavior needs to change and I may have to say something- you know my private intentions regarding these co-workers. I pray that you will intercede there too. Finally, the worry over my Mom's financial situation is driving me to the breaking point. Please ask the Lord to show me the answer or present us with an unexpected source of income. God Bless You. I continue to pray for your canonization.J

Please pray for Lane Goodwin a ten year old boy about to restart his chemo and is running a very high temp.Patricia E. Crowe
For Pope Benedict XVI and all the Bishops that they will be true to the teachings of Christ passed on to the Apostles.
For all studying for the Priesthood
"baby May," miscarried at 8 weeks on 10/10/2010.Thank you
New Zealand
For all who have died and are suffering due to flooding worldwide.
In thanksgiving for all 33 miners being freed in Chile
For all who are having marital problems.
Please pray for a 16 year old girl who has a handicapped baby in her womb aged 22 weeks.Her mother and doctor are trying to force her to murder the baby by abortion.Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos we ask your urgent intercession.RTL Owensboro

Last Friday, October 8, 2010, we found out that our baby was at 6 weeks, showed no growth in the last 2 weeks and had no heartbeat. After 12 years of being together with my husband, we were thrilled to be parents and to find out it wasn't meant to be this time was truly painful. Please pray for us that our unborn child is shining on in heaven and that we are blessed with another angel that is meant for us.Lily Flores

Please can I ask you to pray for a friend of mine, Monica, who has just been diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live.
thanks and God bless

Sharon's mother Ruby urgent prayers
"Bear" Shaller- Bone cancer
Julie a young mother with 4 children who has terminal liver cancer
Val Rich -who is suffering from terminal cancer
Surrey Weeks- who has pneumonia
Caroline - who is waiting the results of a body scan

For all  who are being Confirmed in our Parish on Saturday.
For all who have no work and are looking for it.
For a couple suffering marriage problems.
I ask Blessed Fr. Seelos to intercede for my only son to return to the Faith and all those in my family and amongst my acquaintance who no longer practice the Faith. To know God's Will and for Blessed Fr. Seelos intercession regarding a real estate transaction. That my children and I may live closer so we can enjoy Catholic family life. Wanda Tansey

Oh holy Seelos, our intercessor before God please heal my daughter from Bulimia and obtain for her a healthy baby and easy delivery. Bless my son with a devout spouse and obtain for me a job. Bless Sam and David's work and renew our zeal and perseverance in our faith, I thank you for your faithfulness and love and ask you to give us some of your love for your brothers so we can be like you. Amen, Sam,Texas,USA

This is a very sweet girl who has been bald already, and had a clean bill of health due to cancer she 'had'. Now, the prognosis is looking bad..for her....
Sarah Grace Ultrasound didn't go well. There is a mass in my colon having more test & a colonoscopy on monday for them to take a biopsy. Will decide when we get the test results back but probably chemotherapy & radiation. I made it 6 months & 14 days cancer free only to possible start all over again.

Can you help me with praying to Seelos...for his intervention for a miracle for her to be rid of the cancer....???KM
For peace in our Parish,that all may grow in the love of Christ and reflect it in their lives
Please pray for me as I am undergoing a trial of faith.Denita Arnold

For T who is in great need of help as he is being blackmailed
Please say a prayer for the soul of my dear Father, George, who would have been 92 yrs old today. Thank you.Mary Wellman
 Frau Lily Neumaier-Aschenbrenner  the great grandniece of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos who is sick in hospital.

Please pray for my left upper leg to heal.
 It's been in pain when I move it for several weeks now,
pain that goes up to my abdominal area, too.R Barnes, Wyoming USA
I have been deployed to Afghanistan in an emergency status to fill in for a chaplain that was killed here recently. I will be here for ten months, in a region that is highly dangerous and hazardous in many ways to my Soldiers and the local populace. We are here to make life better for the locals, and we have our work cut out for us.
My men and I are greatly in need of your prayers: prayers for protection, for perseverance, and for hope and courage in the face of the challenges we face. My goal, vision and hope through this project is not just to surround my men with a prayer hedge of protection, but to get all of us praying more and taking time to acknowledge the presence and purpose of God in our lives. Fr. Kevin T. M. Peek

Please pray for baby Ian Jacob, age 8 days old, who is being removed from life-support today in California. He was born with a severe heart defect. He was going to be sent home to die, but the doctors decided he would not live through the short car ride home. I am praying for a miracle through the intercession of Bl. Francis Xavier Seelos. I know it is all in the hands of Our Lord. Please pray with me!GAIL.R

We pray for all Franciscan communities worldwide.May they all grow in the love of God and be filled abundantly with His grace and Blessing.
Please pray for this family.  Julie is only 29 years old.
I just got word that a good friend of mine with 4 young children, youngest being a year old, was diagnosed with liver cancer.  They doctors have given her (Julie Sellers) 2 months to live.  She's 29. A beautiful family.  PLease pray for a miracle.  Jamie


For all terrorists in the world.That they may receive grace from God and change their evil ways.
For all Carmelite communities worldwide and for all who work on the missions.