Theresia Novita Hapsari who is suffering from Ogliodendroglioma.

Thanksgiving to God for all He has given us in the past year

My sister Emilie Bressler,has Metastaic Papillary Thyroid Cancer with minor chance of lung involvement. She will have surgery and start radiation within a couple of weeks. Please keep her in your prayers Sister Rose Pacatte
I ask Blessed Seelos to intercede for me
 David Whitren

 Please intercede for me, and help me find a way to go to nursing school. The field I am in is not stable financially, the job I am in now is making my illness worse, and you know how much I feel called to work with patients. I cannot stop working, and pray for your intercession to help me gain admission to the alternative program for working students that is offered by a Jesuit university in my city. I also pray for your intercession regarding my finances. Please intercede for my friend AC- his situation is worsening. You know his needs, as well as his devotion to Our Lady and the Lord. Thank you for the many blessings bestowed, and God Bless You.Jen
Say a prayer for me.  After 11 years, I left my job in October as it was really making me depressed.  I was working for the Department for Work & Pensions.  I didn't have a job to go to, but my health would have suffered if I'd stayed there any longer. I've had a break for a couple of months and will start to look for work in the New Year, but with the recession and high unemployment it won't be easy, so please say a prayer that I'll find something suitable.
God bless,
For all homeless people


Please kindly pray for me that God may grant me financial blessings which I urgently and seriously need.Please pray for me.

May all come to know the Christ child through our lives and the way we live them
For peace in our homes,our families,our countries and our world
For all families where there is strife & warfare

For all sick children.
For all expectant mothers especially those with difficult pregnancies
For all aged and failing parents.
For all those separated from their loved ones this Christmas.
For all victims of violence and war.
For the lonely and depressed.
For those undergoing surgery and or chemotherapy at this time.

Let us pray for all in prison at this time, separated from their loved ones and families.

For all who work in the prison service and their families.

For all prisoners of conscience.

For all imprisoned in isolation.

For all imprisoned within depression and despair.

James Bain, 54,who was jailed for 35 years for a crime he did not commit.May he continue in his faith in God.
For all who run Belmont Abbey College.May they always persevere in the faith

My cousin needs a miracle. Her name is Vanesa, she is in her twenties and suffers from ITP.
 Please pray for my dear friends who are suffering from Cancer.
Cathy Stueve
Judy Magana
Wally Reid
Cindy Putnam
thank you,Dodie McManamy
Ellen suffering a stage IV glioblastoma multiforme.Also prayer for her Care-Giver Cathy.
I would also ask that you keep in your prayers all the pregnant mothers who have asked for prayers and for those who fear asking for help.

 Please pray for the healing of my Aunt Anne Dillon's growing cancer in her body.
Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Prayer for Joe
I have a family here in my parish that has just suffered a terrible tragedy. They have tragically lost their Husband/Father Joe. He was survived by his wife, LuAnn, and 2 children Adele 13, and Adam 10. I please pray for the repose of Joe's soul, and the comfort and healing of LuAnn, Adele, Adam, and the rest of this extended family.
Kenya: Looking for a partner/Husband someone she can call her own.
For Brenda, expecting twins,that all may go well

Claudia was 25 weeks pregnant she had a cesarean this morning and the baby Alejandro de Jesus is alive thanks to all your prayers, he weights one 3/4 pounds but we know for God there is no limits.....Claudia needs 48 hours to be out of high risk, but if God started doing the miracle HE will finish it.
Deacon Vincent Ricciardi

Bl.Seelos, Please intercede for me regarding the financial assistance I am seeking to help cover my medical treatments. Please give me strength and ask the Lord to ease my pain when I am at work and my back and shoulder are hurting so badly. Thank you for turning R's heart so that he is now trying to get me a raise. God Bless You, and may you be canonized this year.

we got the result of the 24 urine. Its 800 mg (normal is 300) and doctors already diagnosed me as having preeclampsia. They are going to give me 2 shots (today and tomorrow) of steriods to make the baby grow and develop faster. I am so scared for my baby. They also talked about delivering the baby early. Pls pls continue to offer prayers for my baby boy. Thank you so much.
Haben wir das Ergebnis des 24-Urin. Die 800 mg (normal 300) und die Ärzte bereits diagnostiziert mich mit Präeklampsie. Sie gehen, um mir 2 Aufnahmen (heute und morgen) der Steroide, das Baby wachsen und entwickeln sich schneller zu machen. Ich bin so für mein Baby Angst. Sie sprachen auch über die Lieferung von dem Kind früh. Bitte, bitte weiterhin um Gebete für meinen Jungen zu bieten. Vielen Dank, so viel.

Please pray for su to find good lodgings near Uni.,success in all assignments & exams.For intentions & health problems of lal, su & sri mainly healing of eyes & blood sugar, presuire for dri.
Thank  you
Request prayers for Nick Reamer, Auntie Claire and Paul's friend Dave.  All of these people are fighting battles with cancer and have had an especially tough time over the past couple of weeks.

For healing of body,mind and soul
For all suffering mental illness

Pray for the healing of Mark Stoufflet, who at age 42 suffered a massive stroke and has been left paralyzed.Peggy

Pray for the healing of Brenda Hargis, diagnosed with lung cancer.P

We have Four Couples who have completed a HOME STUDY for ADOPTION and we are unable to find a baby for them. Please keep them in your prayers and if you know of a Birth mother who would like to give their baby up for adoptions

Please remember a gentleman named Lewis in your prayers. He is dying.-Michael Fanelli


 Bl. Seelos, Please pray for my patient- you know who she is. Her mental and physical health are so poor, and she is a faithful servant of our Lord and does not deserve all the problems she is experiencing. Please intercede for her Bl. Seelos before it is too late.
Joe, Joanne … John and Elisabeth
A mother of 4 children, 24 weeks pregnant.The baby has almost non-existent brain. Doctors were pressing her to abort the baby (in Poland it is allowed for serious medical reasons), but she made it clear she doesn't allow to kill her baby.
I need a miracle prayers for my son Matt Michael Sherlock.Hhe is 28 years old and he needs a miracle to be cured from liver cancer.He is in the hospital  right now they are doing a biopsy Monday, please beg Father Seelos,Matt Michael  gets  his miracle.We  will have it published in his name please place Matt Michael Sherlock's name on the Alter.God  bless  all  who pray  for Matts miracle.
Catherine Mary

For Miriam who has laringitus

Please pray for my best friends friend, Julie. After a very lengthy emergency surgery her life hangs in the balances...thank you.
For all in need of prayer with no one else to pray for them

For world peace.
Bl Seelos, you know my affliction, Please intercede in pray for a healing of my brain metastasis. I have faith that I will be healed and will be cancer free. I am scheduled for MRI of the brain on December 14, 2009 and I ask for your intercession, may there be no cancer in my brain. May God intervene according to his will, that I may be healed. God bless you Bl Seelos, Please wartch over me
Calvin Jones
For a young boy with fever and a persistant cough that prevents sleep


Lisa Curley~young Mother underwent a stress test, which lead to surgery, which lead to complications, the doctors collapsed a lung to access the bleeding heart, now they've put her on a respirator...she's been in ICU all week.

A 29th year old man also needs special prayers.
For Polish journalists,under attack and facing imprisonment and fines for speaking the truth about the evil of abortion.Bogna
Please  pray at the shrine for Bl. Seelos' intercession regarding my financial situation.  I  am 32 years old ,  partially disabled with rheumatoid arthritis,  and am working full-time to help support a disabled parent, while also trying to re-paying a very large student loan debt from graduate school. I am so worried about my own financial future, as well as my disabled mother.  If something were to happen to me, she would likely become homeless because she has so little income on her own.

Thank you so much for running the English-language web-site!  When I am having a bad day, I go to the site and am
uplifted spiritually just by learning more about Father Seelos and his many miracles.

God Bless,???????
For Michelle and her husband who following the loss of their baby are finding it difficult to conceive again

Give thanks to God for the life and priestly Ministry of a much loved priest who served his people in joy, Fr. Paul Murphy. CM.
Father died suddenly and unexpectedly....
But it was for heaven he lived and the salvation of souls.
Poor Clare Collettine sisters-Wales

Prayers needed for a 12 year old boy. named Avi Ben Stella. After car accident he is in a coma in critical condition.

April Akers

Bl.Seelos,You know my needs, but I ask again that you will intercede for me regarding my Mom's financial situation. Bl. Seelos, please pray to our Lord for a miracle that would allow her to be financially secure without needing help from me, friends and family. If a "money miracle" is not the will of the Lord, please pray that He will give me guidance, knowledge, and strength as I try to find a solution to the problem. Fr. Seelos, I also ask for your intercession regarding the pain in my neck and shoulder. God Bless You, Bl. Seelos and may you be canonized soon.

Sandie Knight who has been many years without her faith,may she be filled with the Holy Spirit and turn her life back to serving the Lord.
For Tanya who is 37 weeks pregnant and rushed to the hospital a short time ago. Her blood pressure is up and her Platelet count is low. May she have a safe delivery and all be well with mother & baby

For Mark Wolf who was gunned down and murdered during a robbery.
Christina Razzano
Prayers for Jaylin who will receive the results of her scans tomorrow.
20 Year Old Mark A. has been battling Drugs and Alcohol Addiction and a problem with Identity and Acceptance.
For a mother and her unborn baby.May she be able to cope with all her health problems,the problems with her family and the unexpected pregnancy she now has.
Healing of a young boy with fever and pain in the head,neck,teeth & stomach
Jaylin Gurrie is 5 years old and Has Neuroblastoma Cancer
Ave Bussa 3 years old with Leukemia
Aviel Manchego 11 years old has had a relapse of his cancer and is receiving aggressive treatment.May he respond well to the treatment.
I'm 7wks pregnant and was put on bed rest for 2 wks. At my ultrasound
they found a subchorionic hematoma, very small about 1cm, but enough to
warrent bed rest.
For Miriam Heidemarie who injured her knee in a trampoline accident yesterday and is now on painkillers and anti inflamatories and using crutches.
For Gisela Maria suffering a fever and migaine on her 11 birthday
Jean who has two tumours in her head and one in her lung.
Leslie who has cancer which has now reached her bladder
I have lung cancer with brain metastasis, please intercede with God in prayer of healing of this disease. I have faith that I can be healed. I know that God will hear my prayer and it shall be answered according to his will. Please pray for me.
Calvin Jones
Mary Fox,mother of 8,murdered when a person put a firework through her letter box.

Sahron & her 6 week old unborn baby
For all the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Thanksgiving for the improvement in Leti Pugsley's health
Marcy King suffering cancer.

For Cheryl Black and Janice Black-Wisinski,age 33 and 35.Both have young children.They were diagnosed with brain cancer within the same week,although separate times.Cheryl had just had surgery and was recovering from the operation in Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in NJ.Janice,7 months pregnant at the time ,was visiting her and as she was handing her a glass of water fell on top of Cheryl and had a seizure.She ,after a c section was operated on but the Dr's were unable to remove any of the tumor.Cheryl had about 65% removed.Both had chemo and radiation treatments.Without surgery Dr's gave them only 2 years.However, in both case all or a part is still there and a serious problem for them.Janice has a hard time getting around now.Cheryl gets around better but has a case where the brain is be eaten by the cancer[the best I can try to describe it]. Their mother is Michelle Black,and who works hard at trying to take them to Doctors ,take care of the children,and herself just 6 months ago had her fiancée killed by a hit and run driver near Seton Hall (University).
God Heals and prayers are heard.

Please pray Christopher who is in Afghanistan in the US Army

Father,I come to you always, seeking for your mercy on every trials I am facing everyday of my life. I am a sinner, I have sinned and I know I am not worthy to have Your love. I always make promises that were never fulfilled especially when I am in need. I cried always for Your name when I'm hurt and depressed but when things go well, I'm back to my old
self. Lord, I am admitting my wrongdoings and I repent and ashamed to deserve your forgiveness. How many times had I turned my back on You?
So many times, My Lord! So shameful that I even have to believe in witchcraft and other rituals in my desperation to get even or take revenge because of my unfaithful husband. I am sorry, for it took me quite a time to realize that You never had abandoned me. I had wasted so many years of hatred, bitterness and anger that I neglected and deprived my 4 kids of love and happiness. I made myself to suffer that there were times when I attempted suicide. Lord, I am sorry that I had
to be really angry when I am being tortured by the thoughts of the insults, bad words and betrayals I had from my husband.
For every problems, especially concerning my children and our financial needs, being alone to handle things makes me hate their father more.Lord, I've always wanted to cry and feel Your warm embrace of love that You are listening to my cries. Lord, I know and I can feel, no matter what, at the end I still need You and have to go back to You. You are my God and You created me. Lord, forgive me and take me back again.
Please Lord, control in my life all my thoughts, my heart and what I am to say. Please give me the strength to go against the temptations and snares of the devil. Lord, please give me a firm faith in Your love for me. Lord, heal me. Let me forget the pains, anger and bitterness I had and teach me the way to forgive those who had wronged me. Lord,change me to be worthy of Your love. Please redirect my life from now on. Let me think, feel and talk , the way you want me to. Lord, pour Your mercy on me. Please remove or lighten the burden I have now. Let me have the wisdom and the strength to overcome trials. Lord, I offer to You,myself, my children and my husband. I pray for love, peace and happiness in our family. Embrace us O Lord with Your loving arms so we won't get wrong. Thank you Lord. We trust in You. Amen.
Lord, through St Joseph of Cupertino, please give Patrick the wisdom to pass his exams at La Salle and UST. Lord, protect my children from evil persons with bad influence and intentions always. Please give them the strength to go against the temptations of the devil. Please protect them from all the
dangers of the world.
Thank you. Amen
 Macey (7)  and Leti (4)both suffering cancer

"Lord Jesus, you have the words of everlasting life. Help me to cast aside doubt and fear and to embrace your word with trust and joy.  I am a sinner. I sinned against You, please forgive me.  I am truly sorry. I surrender my life to you. Be the Lord and Captain of my heart, my will, my thoughts and my actions. May there be nothing which keeps me from you and your love. "

"Lord, in love you have called me to live for your praise and glory.

May I always find joy in your presence and trust in your wise and loving plan for my life. Now, I have a new life, the old is gone and the new is born by Your grace, a gift of life. In Jesus I pray, amen "
For Isabella suffering from cancer and her parents,Diana & Luke.
St.Francis Xavier Seelos, please pray with me and intercede, using all you beautiful miracles,to help bring my wife Dora H. back home with God's Light. Please pray to God Our Father, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Blessed Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to touch Dora's heart, mind, body and soul and fill her with His Light and Love-so that she may miss her home and family and come back home soon. As well, please pray that I have God's Blessings to do everything and anything I can to be a better husband for her so that she can feel warm and comfortable with me once more.

Please ask God-who can do anything if He wills it- for his Mercy and Compassion to give Dora and I another chance to make our Blessed marriage work and to help us fix our faults and leave them in the past-so that we may do right in His eyes.

Please pray that Dora and I reunite, reconcile and rejoice very soon and continue our marriage and friendship under the Light, Love, Guidance, Counsel, Glory and Blessings of God Our Father.

Thank you again for praying for us and God Bless you-You are in my prayers.

George H.
Please continue praying for me that God may heal me and grant me financial blessings.
Franc Alma

Chris Razzono,please help with his pain and medication.
Joshua Rothe-Moon,an 8th grade boy with a brain tumour whose condition is worsening rapidly.

We know of 4 families who have lost children over the past week.  Two of them were teenage boys (cancer related), the others were babies.  It is all so heartbreaking.
We ask that you please include the Beckel, Magnuson, Johnson and Rothe-Moon families in your prayers, that they may find comfort and peace during the difficult days ahead.
The Schwarz family
Father Seelos, please intercede on my behalf and ask the Lord that my wife, Sharmon  be converted, have a change of heart, love me and reconcile our marriage.
Mark Prevost

For Fr. James Mattison. The anniversary of his death is today, 18 October. It has been 8 years now (2001). He is the brother of a friend of mine and I wanted to offer him a special prayer at the Seelos shrine, as Seelos was a priest, too! The second is for a friend of mine who has recenly been ill, but is now getting better, but suffers from a chronic condition called Lupus and a blood clotting disorder. She is only 35, but had a stroke 3 years ago and was having symptoms of that again 2 days ago. She has five children, the 2 youngest being only 4 & 2. I have known her since we were teenagers. I told her I am praying for her - her "prayer warrior" and she is so glad to have the prayers. I was hoping that Blessed Seelos will intercede for her. She has also had multiple miscarriages due to her condition, too. I also prayed to her pre-born son, David, who's death anniversary was the same day she began having those symptoms again - and prayed to Blessed Seelos, too. She began to get better the next day, so I hope to continue the prayers for her.
Please pray for my son, Patrick to pass his  entrance test this afternoon of Oct. 18,2009 at La Salle. Please also pray for him on his next exams at UST on Oct. 25, 2009, 8:00am.Thank you. God bless.

O Great St. Joseph of Cupertino who while on earth did obtain from God the grace to be asked at your examination only the questions you knew, obtain for Patrick a like favour in the examination for which he is preparing and taking at UST on Oct. 25, 2009, 8:00am. Lord, please let him pass his examinations and be successful in his studies. In return, I promised to make you known and cause to be invoked. Through Christ our Lord, St. Joseph of Cupertino, all the angels and saints, pray for Patrick.
Piotr & Bogna Bialecka & their 4 young children
In thanksgiving for all favours received
Thank you and God Bless you for praying for me.  I am being very honest when I tell you
that the stomach problems I am having have improved in the last two days, and I know it
is not a coincidence.
Bless you again for your prayers.
Yours in Christ,
Say a prayer and light a candle at the Shrine of Blessed Seelos some time for my mother.  She has just today flown back to Florida where she lives after visiting up here in VT for two months with all her family.  Over the past two years or so we have begun to notice that she is in the early stages of dementia  - she is only 74  - and her mother had very early onset of Alzheimer's when only in her early 50's!  My grandmother ended up in a vegetative state for almost 20 years.  We are worried that my mother may be developing the same disease.  She seems to be in denial - at least she makes up excuses for her memory losses.  She has a husband that is not very supportive of this and doesn't seem to understand things and can be mean to her at times.  We are concerned for her and what her to get an evaluation from a doctor and get on some medication to help to slow down this progress of her memory loss.  I am praying to Blessed Seelos for her - I think he is supposed to be an intercessor for healing, is that right?

Thank you for your prayers!
Father Rudolf Böhm R.I.P.
For all who do not know God
Those who will prepare this year for 1st Holy Communion & Confirmation in the Parish
For all sick
For those who are find
it difficult to bring to birth a child.

For those in the early
fragile stage of pregnancy.
For those who have lost
a child
For those who long to
conceive a child.
St Colette pray for
For the

For those whose jobs are
under threat.
For all in financial
St Joseph pray for
For all in active
service in Afghanistan and Iraq
For the maimed and
For families and friends
who have a father, brother serving abroad
For all
those working for peace.
For Grace and
enlightenment for those who make decisions that affect the lives of
Saint Francis
pray for them
in Memory of Marygrace Therese Woodruff, born and died October 19, 1995, and for all the babies of the world who are resting in the throneroom of God.
Bl. Seelos,
  THANK YOU for interceding to help me find work.  I now pray for your help and intercession regarding my health problems.  I have only been at my new job for a few days and am already worried about my ability to continue due to the stomach problems. Please pray for my health and God Bless You.Jen

For someone being raised to the deaconate in the US Seminary in Rome on Sunday
Please pray for my dad, who has some dangerous medical conditions, and also for Lillian's vision problems. Thank you.Karen Otto
Chris Razzano, she is scheduled to have surgery for a total hysterectomy, lymph nodes plus for spreading cancer

Alicia Bradley, is in need of prayers. She is expecting her 11th baby, but she also has a brain tumor. It is inoperable, and she cannot receive treatments while she is pregnant. Her doctors want to deliver the baby early, but she would like to at least get to 30 weeks. (She's about 25 right now.) Her situation is very serious. They are basically trying to keep her alive long enough to deliver the baby safely.

For all enclosed religious,may each day bring them ever closer to God.
For all Priest,Brothers & sisters,that they may lead prayerful & holy lives bringing many to Christ by their example.
For all who have left Holy Orders.May God guide them back to Him who is the Way;the Truth & the Light.
Daniela is still having seizures
Michael 15 has Stomach & Bowel problems
Please Blessed Father Seelos let that debt that my attoney said I MIGHT owe be totally and permanently resolved and wiped out today so that i could pray and eat and sleep again and let me get the good news that it is wiped out and forgiven.Kimberly Krakauski S.F.O.

Please dear Blessed Father Seelos please send me a true sincere friend to my home here tonight. Please and I will spread devotion to you-K
Kaylee is about 5 years old and has Spinal Meningitis with complications. She is not expected to live according to her dad and the doctors.
For all doctors, nurses, rescuers and relief workers.
For all those  who are trapped /missing
For those who are find it difficult to bring to birth a child.
For those in the early fragile stage of pregnancy.
For those who have lost a child
For those who long to conceive a child.
Baby David went to the heart surgeon and the hematologist today. The pulmonary valve his will indeed need to be replaced within a month. 
Please continue praying for me that God may heal me and grant me financial blessings.
Don has got poison in his bottom and leg due to not staying in bed at night.He is in considerable pain which he is offering to  the Lord,for others
For all who are homeless,starving,dying or dead due to Natural disasters in the Asian continent.

We had a flash flood last saturday and it entered our house up to waist. We tried to save some of our things but there were only 8 among in the house who could carry things. Me and my son can be much of helped.I just had toe amputation and my son cannot walk because of his juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. My son called his father but he just don't care. It was so painful that on situations as this , the father was with his mistress. However, my kids were not bothered by his absence. They told me to be strong and we will survived this trial. A lot had been damaged even our cars were down in the water but what was important was we all survived it.
Ms. Lillie, I again asked for your continous prayers. Please pray for me and my kids that we will always be safe and healthy. Niccolo and me needs Jesus healing. I pray for the father of my kids that he will have the conscience to realize his wrong doings and the pains he had caused us. I pray for peace, love and happiness in our family.
I pray for the people who suffered in these flash floods especially my brothers and sisters, may God help them.
Thank you for your support and prayers. God Bless you.
Please have your congregation or prayer team pray that
Christ Will Purify Carey's Heart.And Open Her Eyes
onceagain. So that she can forgive. So that she can return
to Christ Jesus.She has turned her back on God.
She is a Christian. But marring a bartender.
Please also pray for the salvation of Mandy And Lory.
God Bless

Isabella rose will undergo surgery that could last up to 16 hours. This surgery is extremely dangerous and delicate.
I am asking everyone to Prayer for her and the Surgeons, Nurses and Medical Staff that this surgery will be successful and bring her back to the fullness of life.
Michaella Fickler & Her Family,especially her son who has cancer.
Keighla Schmidt and all who work at the Savage Pacer Newspaper
For K and her family who have problems with mice and have been unable to get rid of them
For those ouls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them
Harry Devine R.I.P.
Thanks for a succesful operation on 10th September on Ada Collado.May her radiation treatment go as well as the operation.
For an end to abortion.For Cardinal Schornburg of Vienna who stopped a pro-life bishop from attending a pro-life protest against Vienna's Mayor honouring an abortion clinic.
For back pains around the kidneys,that they may be healed
For John Sweeney and all at Paraclete Press
Baby Isabella that she gets fit enough for her operation.
15 year old Danniella suffering from epilepsy
Baby David
Lord, have mercy on me. I'm diabetic and my toe is scheduled to be amputated tomorrow at 2pm.  I asked You my Lord to heal and save my toe. But in case it is Your will, give me the wisdom to understand your message and accept it. I have so much blessings to thank You despite the fact that I had neglected You and my faith was weak. Please forgive my sins and let me forgive those who hurt me. Please remove all the pains, anger and bitterness in me. I offer You my life and lead it. Lord be with me and my family always . I pray that there be joy, love and peace in our family. Thank You. I trust in You. Amen
For healing of a back injury
 Bl. Seelos,  Thank you for helping me to get three job interviews in a short time. Please Fr. Seelos,intercede for me to help me get hired for one of these jobs before I become homeless.  I am on the edge of financial ruin. Thank you and God Bless you Bl. Seelos.
For the repose of the souls of James Pouillon, an elderly Michigan-area pro-life activist, was gunned down in front of Owosso High School while protesting abortion with a large sign depicting a baby and the word "Life." A second man was also killed shortly thereafter - Mike Fuoss, the owner of a local gravel pit.

For the repose of the soul of
Fr Tadeusz Dajczer,Founder of the "Families of Nazareth2 Movement and author of a series of 6 books on the Holy Eucharist as well as many other spirtual books.He died on the Birthday od Our Blessed Lady,September 8th 2009. 

For all lapsed Catholics in the Allgäu,May the intercession of St Mang and you,Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos bring about a marvelous miracle through the power of Our Lord & Saviour,Jesus Christ, with many returning to the faith.
The Spiritual Leaderof the New Jersey  Divine Mercy Group;  Deacon John DelGuidice's dad passed away at 3:00PM yesterday just at the hour of Mercy.

With great sympathy we offer our condolences to Deacon John and his family.

May Vincent DelGuidice rest in peace and may the perpetual light shine upon him.

Our prayers are with our Brother at this time of testing and pain.

God Bless the Del Guidice Family
Tyler, was in a terrible car accident this morning, in Toronto, and was ejected out of the rear window...he has numerous injuries. He has had one surgery and, from what info I received, he has been put into an induced coma.
This request came from a special friend who asked if we would pray for her nephew.

Baby Isabella had her third round of chemo. Her counts are down and need to come up once again. She will be having a Bone Marrow test and CAT Scan before they will allow her to come to New York (USA) for the surgery she needs. Please pray for her and ask your family and friends to do so as well.

Harry DeVine is not doing well he has lost the will to fight. We need prayers that he will find the strength to fight, eat and drink. He is at home on Hospice and I know we can turn him around.

David is a 29 year with Tourette Syndrome is on heavy medication and it is now effecting his stomach. His parents have said there are times that he is totally out of control if they do not keep him heavily medicated. Please pray that he be healed of the Touettes.
 August 2009
For purity in mind & body

For Patrick Mc Kevitts cousin suffering from cancer
Please continue to pray for the pre-born ministry.

prayers for Ben stella avi, child 12 years after a car accident, now in a state critico.

Holy Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, saints, angels, saints, Mother Mary of St. Joseph will present to the sick in the soul, mind, in body and spirit and we pray for all of them and for us to heal us. All we ask according to Your Holy Will Holy Father, in Jesus' name, by the merits of her Divine Child, by His precious blood, by His holy wounds, by His Resurrection that everything is for your glory. We believe in your power and ask you, O good Jesus that the power of the Spirit is released now and we are all healed.
In the Name of Jesus and the intercession of Mary, Rosa Mystica, saints, angels, saints and souls of purgatory, we pray that the Holy Father to heal us of any deep wound in our hearts, all resentment and rejection, any lack of love, depression and loneliness, heal us from any lack of affection. Heal us of any frustration, failure, complex trauma, hatred, division, envy, hypocrisy, anger, rage, (especially anger and lack of love and respect within families). Fill us Lord in any gaps that may exist with your holy presence and give us your fullness. Give us your freedom and your love. Give us your peace.

In the Name of Jesus and the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary, Mother of the Church of the holy angels and saints in heaven, we pray that the Holy Father to heal us of any flaw we could have (especially lack of trust in your power of forgiveness throughout the world), heal us from all fear, fear, nervousness, anxiety, anxiety and insecurity, pride and of all pride. Heal us from depression, psychosis, obsessions, all emotional and mental instability, disappointment, disappointment, bitterness, rebellion, of all idolatry and superstition, of all mental illness and any lack of forgiveness.
In the Name of Jesus and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, saints, angels, saints and souls of purgatory, Holy Father we ask you to free us from all bondage genetic thing from our ancestors. In the name of Jesus we pray that the Holy Father cuts at this time all bonds of sin borne by our ancestors, and any inherited curse.

In the Name of Jesus and the intercession of the Blessed. Virgin Mary, saints, angels, saints and souls of purgatory, we pray that the Holy Father to heal us physically from any disease known or unknown, any curable or incurable disease. Heal us especially of cancer, all glandular disease, obesity, anorexia, asthma, arthritis, osteoarthritis, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, glass, circulatory diseases, blood, blood pressure, skin disease, allergies, respiratory diseases, stomach ailments, nervousness, anxiety, stress, anemia, AIDS, (especially spiritual illness).

Thank you Holy Father for hearing our prayers, we know that you're acting with your power and everything you can. Lord trust in you and you expect. We thank you for all you've done, for what you are doing and what they keep doing in our lives.


Hello... my name is Maya, i am a filipino....

In 2005, my mom was operated in the brain for debunking of her pituitary adenoma... after that operation, she was able to recover well and do the things she used to do, as well as serve our prayer community as the pianist... everything had been OK until late last year, it was found out that my mom's tumor is growing back and starting to block the tract where our cerebral-spinal fluid flows. because of that, fluid started to accumulate in her brain, she had to be operated again for VP shunting to drain the fluid.. she had been able to recover again but only for a few months... recently, last MAY, she started to show neurological deficits.. i t was found out that though the mass is only benign, it extended to her thalamus.. this time, that causes an infarct to her brain due to the blockage of some blood supply by the mass..she had to be admitted last June for 2 weeks... when she was stable already, she was are still there... last July 19, the mass had continued to grow, this time extending to the midbrain... this caused the major stroke and brain infarct of my mom. she was admitted in the ICU and was eventually placed to a ventilator... my mom is still there right now... fighting for her life... at present, she showed some improvements: the doctors are starting to wean her from the ventilator, you can already see some movements of her eyeballs, fingers, toes. sometimes she would try to move her arm. and i know that no matter how little these improvements are, these things are signs of possible recovery...

my family right now are very much emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially drained.... but we never lose the strength to pray and trust the Lord. i always ask Him: "Lord, whatever your plans are for my mom, let it be for her good and my family's... give us more strength"
For a father suffering severe bronchitus that is stopping him looking after his family.That he will be healled in body & soul.
 BLESSED FRANCIS X-SEELOS- I PRAY you completely cure mom of cancer
Healing from sunstroke

Please help me to have enough strength and energy to get through the day. My arthritis is flaring again, and I do not have any energy left to do the many things I need to do when I come home from my temp job. Please help me to find permanent work soon, Blessed Father Seelos.
We are requesting prayer for our dear relative Pam Flores who is battling lung and liver cancer and ask that you pray for her to our heavenly Almighty Father in Jesus Christ His son's name. Blessed Rev. Francis Xavier Seelos please pray for Pam Flores that she may be healed of her disease. Thank you and Amen.
The Flores Family-Los Angeles,USA.
For 2 1/2 year old Isabella Rose who has cancer. The tumor is attached to the Aorta and Spine. She has had two rounds of Chemo and will be flown here to be operated on at Sloan Kettering NY in September. Please PRAY for her healing.
Deacon Vincent Patrick Ricciardi,NJ-USA
For Maximilian Johann who has his nameday today.May he become quieter and not so violent in his temper.
For healing of a young girl suffering from chronic stomach pains
For healing from influenza
For healing of a young girl from high fever
In thanksgiving for getting a new job in a Catholic school.