MAY 2011
Blessed Fr. Seelos, Please pray for complete healing for David. He is a good man and I am certain he will give glory to God when you answer this prayer. I will spread devotion to you as a way to lead others to Christ. Thank you for hearing and answering me.Susan
Prayers for my daughter's depression and upcoming delivery! Thanks kindly!sm
I pray for peace in my family DB
We place Gerard Toups under your care and humbly ask that you restore your servant to health again. Above all, grant the Toups family the grace to acknowledge your will and know that whatever you do, you do for the love of us.... Amen.WFM
For resolution of a work related problem-Denver
For all those who died,those injured and those who lost loved ones or their property in Joplin,MO,USA due to a violent tornado hitting the town. 
For Mark and his family situation.Dear Blessed Seelos we ask a miracle that all may be healed and a family will be reunited.
For all who have died in the womb
For the situation in Libya
For Fr Corapi and all falsely accused, for the triumph of the good.
For Bishop Jia and the Orphanage in China
Michael McGinnis- a young man with broken neck and back
Dominik Tarczyński- asks prayers for his health he is the founder and director of the Charismatic movement in Poland
Karen Vaughan who is terminally ill.
Tom Tomlinson RIP- for Ouida and all his family
For Gods blessing on Vee, Alisa and moma, for their safety and health
Rita-breast cancer
Fr Peter McCarron - broken arm and  spinal vertabrae after a fall
fr Jonny Stokes - for recovery after hip operation
Father Brian- cancer
For Tim in thanksgiving for passing vet exam
Mac-undergoing tests
John undergoing tests
Averil-broken ankle
Michelle in thanksgiving for safe arrival of baby daughter Elizabeth !
Erik and Crystal and family for healing and grace
Andrea-cancer surgery
Felicity for a good doctors report
Melba- age related difficulties
Ellis-recent operation
Floyd aged 88- serious fall/broken neck
Mike   Ann, Lynn, Cathy, Laurie and Jimmy - spiritual needs and temporal
Chris-pancreatic cancer
Ryan temporal and spiritual needs
Camille- cancer
Dennis knoll aged 24 -lung transplant
Bill a much loved brother who is sick
Uncle Witold and Family
Gretchen's unborn baby for a miracle
Lenny and his new business initiative
Tommy-heart defect
David-prostrate cancer
Baby Joseph
Ryan serious spiritual and temporal needs
Mason- a baby with glaucoma
Peter-mentally ill
Tim-serious health issues
Marion Green Throat and Jaw cancer
Jack incision on eyes cancerous for healing
Andrea-Kidney Mass
Lupe- stomach cancer
Maricela- brain tumour
Seth- chemo for brain cancer
Margaret-back surgery
Frenchie- heart problems
Ben,Lisa and three children- healing
Jane in her 20's with heart problems
Euen- temporal needs
Esme- temporal needs
Rose-advanced cancer
Steve- improving but with a long way to go
Mike also improving but a long way yet
Joseph-chest cold
Jacqui- failing vision
Maria- leukaemia
Richard, Sarah and Girls
Tony laser treatment
Marianna- for a safe pregnancy
Donie-malignant inoperable tumour
Betsy advanced Cancer
For Gayle for grace and life
David great spiritual needs
Jane - Brain surgery
Steve-serious health issues
Graham post surgery
Lisa- heart attack
Starla- for a safe pregnancy
David for justice and Gods blessing
Linda, Andy and family
Mary- eye problems
Sr Fidelis very sick
Alisa and Vee temporal needs
Kati in her twenties diagnosed with brain cancer
Cody aged 7 healing from seizures
Bella his sister also with health issues
Joseph Stanton seriously ill
Jerry- to have serious heart operation
Nola- cancer
Myke-broken arm
Tony-throat cancer
Robert post amputation and not doing too well.
Fr Alphonse a Franciscan friar who is dying.
Brendan aged 12  in need of prayers
Celistine child with leukaemia
Ellis- safe pregnancy
Jacey- safe pregnancy
Mandy- cancer
Charlotte - safe pregnancy
Margaret Mary-Lung cancer
Nathaniel- a young child  with aggressive cancer undergoing chemo.
Chloe- aged 4 - has leukaemia
Jaime aged 2 who will have brain surgery this week.
Mary, David, Michael and Christine- for Gods blessing
John in thanksgiving for good medical report
Amy- for a safe pregnancy
Bruce- lung cancer
Soren- for Gods blessing on his young life
Bridget awaiting a kidney transplant
Mary- Glaucoma
Gloria-lung cancer
Bishop Gerry- health issues
Lucy's parents both ill.
Rhonda- health issues
Gloria's aged mother
Fr Nicholas and the priests in Moscow.
Fr Gerry- heart problems and difficult health.
Denise, mother of 5 with cancer
John- spinal surgery
James for healing
Edinir a much loved mother with bone marrow disease
Jennifer- health issues
Candy a  mother of nine , for her husband and family
Tom spinal operation
Sharon's mother Ruby urgent prayers
Val Rich -who is suffering from terminal cancer 
Stephen- relief from pain
Larry- MS
Gene-health issues
Carol-kidney disease
Scarlett age 4 cancer
 Brother Tom- needing prayers for healing rather unwell at present.
And the many intentions recommended to the community,  many too numerous to write here but prayed for individually before the Lord.
Mrs Judy McCloskey and all at
Fr Kevin- Military chaplain serving in Afghanistan
Fr Frances- Military chaplain
SGT Kevin White who died in action ...
B>J>- injured
Major Eric Dinoto and his 'band of brothers to be deployed to Afghanistan
Bryan in Afghanistan
Michael just departed to Afghanistan
Military in Libya- David and his platoon
Andrew Dolan in Afghanistan
Jared injured in Afghanistan  by a land mine
For all   wounded and traumatised military
April returning to Iraq and all military personal there.
Christopher serving in the military
For the 101st Infantry  now deployed from the Bay State of Massachusetts, for all their families.
Tony in Afghanistan
Michael and his  ' band of brothers'
Matthew to be deployed
Gregory serving with the military
For all families with children who are struggling to follow the Christian faith in their lives.
That the promotion of filthy words by omission within the Catholic Church in one area of Germany will cease!Especially when it is directed towards young children.

Please pray for my son and me so that: we recover our hair, cure the skin and ears, get rid of social phobia, that my son gets an education, that we get friends. Please pray also for Mary, Márcia, Isolina and her brothers, Olga Maria.Please pray for the repose of Sheila´s soul.Thanks.Adelaide
That all will be sorted out in my workplace.Please pray for the truth to be revealed to my primary supervisor and for her heart and mind to be turned towards me once again.  While there are many reasons NOT to go on working for this woman, I need the salary this job provides JM
My work situation is still unresolved, and my term will be coming up for renewal at the end of August.  Please pray to Bl. Seelos for intercession; let my supervisor see the truth of the situation and renew my contract. God Bless. -J

gravely very ill.Josephine
Please pray for the nine new Redemptorists who were professed today in Canada.They come from the provinces of Baltimore, Denver, Edmonton-Toronto, and London .Also that more men will offer their lives in service of the poor and most abandoned. 

Please pray for Arianna is two year old and has Brain Paralysis. This is something that happens during pregnancy and there is no know medical procedure to reverse its effects.Deacon Vince.DMNJ

Please pray for my husband Robin for miraculous healing of his medical problems. Esther

Please pray for a special intention regarding my work. Sara Gunn
For Theresa Polack Richey who made her 1st Holy Communion today in the USA.

 Please keep the USA in your prayers.Nelle
For 2 year old Lucia Bialecka of Poznan,Poland who has a neurological disorder affecting her brain.Also for her siblings and mama & papa who are very worried about her.

Lifted a prayer for my personal intention or plans in life, for my brothers attitude, for my fathers complete healing of his illness, for my friend and his son is quite sick right now and for those person's who disturb me without any reason I lifted it up for God's holy will and power.Anon

 PLEASE PRAY for a young man with a severe brain injury, Thomas Joseph Stanton. The family are very devout Catholics and are fasting and praying on Friday the 20th for his Healing Miracle-- It has been 11 months since the accident. Joseph's picture and prayer request was in the Seelos Newsletter months ago from New Orleans. He lives in the Houston area and is in TIRR for rehab, same place where Congress woman Gifford is. Please pray for us as well!!Donna & James
Please continue to pray for Mike to be completely healed and that the Doctors find a new way to fight and get rid of this cancer.

Please say some prayers for my wife Judy she has cancer Thank you Paul
Pray for Christine and her family.Daniel W.

For the Redemptorist pilgrimage that arrives in Munich today.For Father Daniel Francis and Msg Arthur and all the pilgrims who tomorrow will visit the birthplace of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos in Füssen.
In thanksgiving that the cancer has been in remission for the last two years for  Deacon Tom Frankenfield.

 Please pray for a healing for my husband James.  He has a very serious infection in his bones and in his blood.Charlenne Mitchell
For peace to prevail in all families
For all in the parishes of St Mang and Acht Seligkeiten,Füssen who made their 1st Holy Communion today.
 Christoph Mühlbauer and his five companions who were ordained Deacon by Bishop Konrad Zdarska in the Cathedral in Augsburg
please play for sammy spanswick miscarried at 16 weeks. not a day passes that i think of you and what you would have been like with your little sister leah. i will tell her about you. you are so special to me and you will always be my number 1. i miss you so much sweetheart and i will meet with u soon i promise you that. r.i.p no-one can ever hurt you now rest that tiny head of yours and sleep tight. forever loved and forever missed love mummy daddy little sis leah, gran and grandad misscarried at 16 weeks 8th June 2004.Carey Spanswickxxxsomerset uk
For Jagoda Bialecka who made her 1st Holy Communion on 1st May 2011

Please pray for Margaret Bronte and Nigel O'Leary, for their spiritual and temporal welfare.  Nigel is dying and Margaret is ill.
Thank you.Kevin

Please pray for my 7 year old daughter Hannah, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was three. She has had 3 surgeries and radiation treatment. She has to have a MRI every 6 months. She has her MRI on May 12. Please please pray that the tumor NEVER returns. God bless her always. God bless her big brother too.T. Aragon
I just got back from the hospital where I baptized little Collins-Aurelia! She was born in Sept at 24 weeks, now at 4 months, she is experiencing severe complications. Please pray for her and her family. We need a miracle. what a precious little girl.Father Stephen Imbarrato

healing of diabetes 2 John J. Wood
For all those starving in the world for the word of God to be brought to them.