For all persecuted Christians worldwide.
For all who are to be ordained to the priesthood in the coming year.May they be truly holy and prayerful priests and always be willing to help others to come to Christ.
For the unity of all Christians.
For all our enemies.May they be filled with peace,love and joy,today.
That we may all be more concerned about our own spiritual welfare
Could you help with our ritual murder problem......
To bless family,friends and I in all areas of our life.Anon
That all may be greatly blessed this Easter.
Please continue to pray for my miracle.Mark
Please pray for both of my siblings that have heart problems. And please pray for my mother who has suffered from a stroke. I also would like to request that you pray for my father who has diabetes. Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers.
For all those who have never heard of God.
I have been in a situation where my life has come to a standstill. All doors seem to be closed for me. I am in a rut for past 7yrs now and have no clue where I am going. The satanic attack in my life has snatched everything away from me my marriage, my child who is now in foster care, my career and my identity. I have been battling serious issues where I have been accused of crimes I never committed. The story is full of cover-up, lies, and false witnesses. It makes me very angry to see the guilty walk past me and living in my midst while I walk around as if I was the guilty one. High level corruption in this case up to a system level where police, government officials, doctors have a vital role to play in perverting the course of truth and justices in this high profile case. I have been accused of crimes I never committed with false witnesses being bribed. Every attempt to bring the truth to light failed as the truth got twisted down the line. There has been high level corru ption involved in my case because of which serious crimes have been covered up while my entire identity was changed to suit the offenders. The cover up goes beyond the system level and as a small entity one can very well imagine how hard it has been for me to fight a system. I pray for such truth to be exposed by the power of His Spirit. I pray to Virgin Mary the Holy Mother of the Son of God to steer me in the right direction and to open every door that has been closed to bring every such truth out and such justice to me met out to such offenders. There have been threats made on my life. I also ask for protection for myself, my daughter, my mother, my brother and my sister in law and niece. I ask her to fill me up with the Holy Spirit and to remove every obstacle from my way that the Lord has chosen me for, to make me obedient and humble, to fill me with his mighty wisdom, unshakable faith and divine grace to help me finish every incomplete task that the devil is trying to obstruct including getting my social work degree and paper work pertaining to my legal case and help me reunite with my daughter. Also I ask may Mother Mary help me to get the right people on board who will help me through this. That when I am testifying the truth in the court that every lie and cover up is unfolded and revealed to the authorities working on this case and justice done in my favour. That every meeting I have with the authorities and every correspondence I make to any authorities may the truth prevail and be revealed to such authorities and May God’s grace be upon every such meeting to unfold what is true. May the Holy Spirit lead and guide me. May the truth win. May He grant me all success with all that I plan to do. Help me Mother to come out of this trial giving glory to God, His Son, His Spirit and you. I ask her in the name of her son Jesus. My request is for mighty prayers for my deliverance and my mother, brother, daughter and I be cured of all th e ailments and problems we are encountering in our day to day lives Amen. Pray for my mother’s good health as well. My name: Smita Mitra Daughter: Madhushree Mitra. Mother: Tripti Ghosh Brother: Abhijit Ghosh Sister in law: Kakoli Ghosh Niece
For those who are elderly and in unbearable pain.May the sufferings of Christ have real meaning in their lives and may they find relief from their sufferings through the care of others and the grace of God

For Pope Benedict VI and all the Bishops and Priests in the world.
For all those who have suffered the loss of a baby in the womb or shortly after birth.For the babies who have died in their mother's wombs.
For all suffering from the pain of rejection in this life.May they find hope and love in Jesus and unite their sufferings with His.
That all may come to know Christ in their hearts this Easter
Please pray to Dear Fr. Seelos that I may receive healing of the body afflictions I am suffering.Also, that I can some how find the financial means to see a doctor for help. May our God bless you for your prayers. Thank you.Charlotte H.

"One of my dearest friends, Marta, is in need of another liver transplant. She has been turned down by one hospital. She lives a healthy lifestyle and I believe the first transplant was for cancer. Please pray for her. We need a miracle. She makes me laugh until I cry when I work at the church." JL
 I am being harassed in more ways than I can count. Please pray for Bl. Seelos to be with me at work
daily to help me accomplish my tasks and turn the hearts of the administrators who are giving me grief.  There is also a co-worker who has made up blatant lies about
me.  Please pray for resolution to this situation. I also pray for the Lord's guidance- should I look for other work, and if so, where?J
For those in great need and who have no one else to pray for their needs.
Please help for a miracle to come up with money to pay our mortgage and enough money to pay bills. Money for utilities. For the Lord to sheild and protect our home from foreclosure. Also pray for Loretta that her health will be restored and her pain will go away without having to take medication. Also Joeys knees to be healed and pain free. Thanks be to God our Healer and Miracle Worker!Lynn Schroeder

 Bl. Seelos,  I pray for yet another miracle.  Things at work are totally turning against me, largely due to gossip and dark souls.  My health and finances are also of great concern, and the entire situation is tied together. You know what is happening, Fr. Seelos. Please, intercede and ask our Lord for immediate aid in this situation.J
For all priests,especially those who are not true to their vocations.May they turn again in humility to God and live the gospel message in their lives.
For all those who are going through problems with their marriages.May they be open to your grace and allow the Holy Spirit to guide them.
Mary English,that she can cope with all the pains of her illness and old age.
For the 11 children who died and the 20 seriously injured in the primary school shooting in Brasil today.Also for the person who killed them all then shot himself.

Please pray for a lost soul named Linda. She needs a spiritual knock over the head.MF

4 young men who are interested in the Redemptorists and its works. Pray for us!Redemptorist Vocations
PLEASE Prayer Request...My daughter Claire just called me about a Filipino Catholic woman Claire cared for today man's name is Lenny. Her husband converted to Catholicism in the last year. Lenny had a baby less than a year ago & became pregnant again right away. The pregnancy was not healthy. The placenta grew abnormally outside of the womb through the C-section incision. It is growing into her other vital organs, her bladder, bowel and other places so that all the organ's blood vessels are tangled up with the placenta. Doctors told her she had to have an abortion or she would die. She refused.Deacon Tom Frankenfield
For homeless people everywhere
For those who have lapsed from the faith.May they find the grace to return to the truth of the gospel.
Pray for me that God may heal me, help me in my studies and grant me financial blessings. Franc
That the African people will not be seduced by the pro-abortion organisations which are pressurising African countries to accept abortion.
40 days for life campaign.May many who would have murdered their babies,turn away and choose life for their babies.
For a friend who needs a liver transplant.Jenny.L-W
Could you please remember in your prayers an elderly family member. She was given some bad news concerning her health. Thank you and God bless you. Michael
That my daughter Kathryn continue to work hard and stays strong in the face of anxiety. that she does well on college entrance exams and with pole vaulting. for grace and guidance when making decisions on college.Suzanne Boyer
For Annamarie and Harvey.
For help in finding a new job.M
I'm having knee replacement surgery on Monday morning.Linda S.
For the victims of a car crash in Chattanooga at around 0600hrs this morning.They were on their way to a family reunion.Becky aged 24 died at the scene.Jason is recovering after 7 hours of surgery and their daughter,Hailey is in PICU.Cheri
For all who live where I live as an armed gunman is on the loose.J.L.W.
Hena Akhter,14 year old raped then accused of adultery and whipped 70 times.She died a week later.