For the situation in Libya
For Fr Corapi and all falsely accused, for the triumph of the good.
For  the Earthquake and Tsunami victims in Japan, for all the displaced and homeless, the wounded, for all those involved in rescue work and medical care.
For Peace and Justice in the Middle East
For Bishop Jia and the Orphanage in China
Dominik Tarczyński- asks prayers for his health he is the founder and director of the Charismatic movement in Poland
In thanksgiving for Bob Powers life, for his bereaved family at this time
Frances called home to God, for his family at this time.
Rita-breast cancer
Baby Joseph
David and family whose wife Julie has been killed in an accident
Mason- a baby with glaucoma
Peter-mentally ill
Jack incision on eyes cancerous for healing
Marilyn post back surgery.
Andrea-Kidney Mass
Lupe- stomach cancer
Maricela- brain tumour
Seth- chemo for brain cancer
Margaret-back surgery
Frenchie- heart problems
Ben,Lisa and three children- healing
Marianna- eyes problems
Jane in her 20's with heart problems
Euen- temporal needs
Esme- temporal needs
Rose-advanced cancer
Steve- improving but with a long way to go
Mike also improving but a long way yet
Joseph-chest cold
Jacqui- failing vision
Maria- leukaemia
Richard, Sarah and Girls
Tony laser treatment
Marianna- for a safe pregnancy
Donie-malignant inoperable tumour
Betsy advanced Cancer
For Gayle for grace and life
David great spiritual needs
Jane - Brain surgery
Steve-serious health issues
Graham post surgery
Lisa- heart attack
Starla- for a safe pregnancy
David for justice and Gods blessing
Christine inoperable stomach cancer
Linda, Andy and family
Mary- eye problems
Sr Fidelis very sick
Alisa and Vee temporal needs
Kati in her twenties diagnosed with brain cancer
Cody aged 7 healing from seizures
Bella his sister also with health issues
For the safe arrival of Caitlin Rose
Joseph Stanton seriously ill
Jerry- to have serious heart operation
Nola- cancer
Myke-broken arm
Tony-throat cancer
Robert post amputation and not doing too well.
Fr Alphonse a Franciscan friar who is dying.
Brendan aged 12  in need of prayers
Greg- last stages on pancreatic cancer
Celistine child with leukaemia
Ellis- safe pregnancy
Jacey- safe pregnancy
Mandy- cancer
Charlotte - safe pregnancy
Margaret Mary-Lung cancer
Nathaniel- a young child  with aggressive cancer undergoing chemo.
Chloe- aged 4 - has leukaemia
Jaime aged 2 who will have brain surgery this week.
Mary, David, Michael and Christine- for Gods blessing
John in thanksgiving for good medical report
Amy- for a safe pregnancy
Bruce- lung cancer
Soren- for Gods blessing on his young life
Bridget awaiting a kidney transplant
Mary- Glaucoma
Gloria-lung cancer
Bishop Gerry- health issues
Lucy's parents both ill.
Rhonda- health issues
Gloria's aged mother
Fr Nicholas and the priests in Moscow.
Fr Gerry- heart problems and difficult health.
Denise, mother of 5 with cancer
John- spinal surgery
James for healing
Edinir a much loved mother with bone marrow disease
Jennifer- health issues
Candy a  mother of nine , for her husband and family
Tom spinal operation
Sharon's mother Ruby urgent prayers
Val Rich -who is suffering from terminal cancer 
Stephen- relief from pain
Larry- MS
Gene-health issues
Carol-kidney disease
Scarlett age 4 cancer
 Brother Tom- needing prayers for healing rather unwell at present.
And the many intentions recommended to the community,  many too numerous to write here but prayed for individually before the Lord.
Mrs Judy McCloskey and all at Catholicmil.org
Fr Kevin- Military chaplain serving in Afghanistan
Fr Frances- Military chaplain
Michael awaiting deployment to Afghanistan
Military in Libya- David and his platoon
Jared injured in Afghanistan  by a land mine
For all   wounded and traumatised military
April returning to Iraq and all military personal there.
Christopher serving in the military
For the 101st Infantry  now deployed from the Bay State of Massachusetts, for all their families.
Tony in Afghanistan
Michael and his  ' band of brothers'
Matthew to be deployed
Gregory serving with the military
For healing within the Parish of Füssen.

Small tumors have been discovered on my ovary and my lungs.  I will be undergoing more tests this next week.  I work for the government,
and here in the US, we are not offered any sort of short or long term disability, and I have used up all my sick and annual leave time with my shoulder surgery. So...if I have cancer
and cannot work because I have to undergo chemo-therapy, my Mother and I are both going to be in a lot of trouble.  Please ask Bl. Seelos to work a miracle in this situation, and let me be free of cancer.  Pray that the tumors are benign.A friend of Blessed Seelos
For a lady whose husband has left her.She is not getting proper pastoral care from her Parish Priest.She has now stopped going to Mass.

For miracles and answered prayers. For financial blessings and new beginnings in my life.For blessings in all areas of my life. To bless family and friends and for financial blessings and blessings in all area of life. For us to accomplish everything in life without so many problems. For continued good health and for good health of two friends who are sick. For one friends removal of pain. For our protection.Sabrina Ford
For all fathers.May those follow the example of St Joseph in their families and gain great inspiartion from him.
Please pray for me to be completed healed of chronic stomach disorder caused by dysfunction of the immune system and for the grace to love and trust God completely.Xavier Correia
For the Church in Ireland.May those in it find healing from the wounds it has received.
Noah Facecchia,6,suffering from Idiopathic Refractory Epliepticus,Doctors in Canada have put a DO NOT RESUCITATE message in his notes against his parents wishes and refuse to give him a tracheotomy and want to remove him from his ventilator.Tony 
7 year old Stephen Austin Maszczak who died yesterday at 1630hrs(EST).

Please pray for my friend as she is not catholic but is ill with phenumonia.Debbie Thornton

Mary, who is suffering from a rare form of cancer took a turn for the worse. She is in hospital and all treatment has stopped. She is unconscious and is very unstable. She was on week 8 of a very intensive course of Chemo and Radio Therapy. I have been so upset today for her and her family. Please remember Mary in your prayers.ATD

Please pray for my son as he is in need of healing,physical and spiritual,and that he may find his way back home to Jesus and the church.Daniel Orona
Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos heal me from black floaters moving in front of eyes.

 Deputy Director,Divine Mercy,New Jersey,Christina Razzano,who died 13th March 2011.DMNJ
For people who died in Japan due to earthquake and tsunami,Eternal peace grant unto them O Lord and let their soul rest in peace.Anon,India

Pray for Randall Winslow who is suffering from the disease of alcoholism that he finds God through the intercession of Francis Xavior Seelos and is healed of his addiction. Thank you Jeanie McFadden
Dear Blessed Seelos restore my health I was diagnosed with Papillary carcinoma, and undergo total thyroidectomy last January 19, 2011 and just taken radio-iodine therapy last Feb.28 2011. Still have all the weakness and symptoms of my illness, please pray and make me whole again- Marife 
iodine therapy last Feb. 28, 2011. Still have all the weakness and symptoms of my illness, please pray and make me 
whole again. - Marife
For all who have died and been made homeless and lost relatives due to the earthquake and Tsunami.
For those who are sick and dying.May they find grace to help them in their sufferings.
For all Christians who have given up their faith.May they be open to the truth and come back to the faith.
Please pray for young lady named Marissa who is headed down a dark path. Pray her loving family has the strength to make tough choices as a last resort to help her as she cannot help herself. JBL
 Dear Seelos ,  Please pray  that my back pain cease from hurting. I love to work and am unable to get around to do things in a normal way because of the pain. I am also a petsitter and I will need to clean their litter boxes and feed them but it hurts to bend- Please, please, help me! Also help my  pet sitting business strive. In the name of Seelos help me I am begging you!  Thanks!Cewrci Anderson

DEAR BLESSED SEELOS,We are in the process of building our new house. Please help us to fulfil our ambition.We have been married for over 11 years, please help us to have a child in our life.
Thank you.Floid & Shaliet-Surbiton,Surrey,UK

Please pray for my niece Jane Critten who is to have a Mastectomy operation on Monday 14 March 2011. She is 35 years old and has 5 little children all under 8 years.Margaret Kessack

For Franciscan Priest who is very ill in the USA.JMT
 Please Blessed Seelos help us to make our visiting visa to the uk a successful application. And also heal me from back problem.Jane,Jenny & Elsa,London,UK

 Dear Blessed Seelos.We have been married over 23 years. Please intercede for us to our Lord to bless us with a child.Thank you.Walto & Blaicy-LONDON,UK

Pray for help with my financial situation, that there will be a good outcome for me with my worker's comp. case and I will get a large settlement or regular income for a long time. Also that the right job comes along for me soon and that my depression is healed and I gain more self confidence and that good people will come into my life. Safety for Gianna and all my family and myself. thank you.Dianne

Please heal me and restore my health from my tumour operation,Blessed Seelos.Milton, Mary & Joshua-London.UK

Restore my health and strength so that I may continue to serve God, work and care for my family. in Jesus name thank you.Virginia Missovich
For healing of mind, spirit and body for my son C. Jr, that through the intercession of blessed Fr. Seelos, my son's life may be turned around for the better to the glory of God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.MO

Please help us to fully complete building our house in India.We also
pray thorough your intercession that we may be blessed with child. We
promise that we would name him after you.Floid & Shaliet-London,UK
Dear Blessed Mother and Jesus I LOVE YOU. Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos I PRAY that you will interceede and heal Russell Shultz from his terminal melenomia cancer in his lungs,throat and brain. I pray that he makes a full recovery. THANK-YOU, Love KL

For healing, Breast Cancer and back pain, and frozen shoulders.Florita Saribay
I pray to St. Seelos for healing of hearing, for employment close to home and finances. Thank you.Ms. i.m.s.
For all who have suffered at the hands of terrorists.May God enlighten the hearts and minds of men who hate peace.
For peace in Lybia.

 Shahbaz Bhatti, assassinated March 2 in Pakistan.Minister for Religious Minorities
Prayer for Dad (Ignatius)-Healing in both eyes.Healing from diabetic.