August 2009
Bl. Seelos,
  Thank for the two miracles you bestowed on me this week, I am so grateful.  I still need a miracle to find permanent work, however.Please intercede to help me find a job in medicine/public health.
Bless you Fr. Seelos.

For sucess in an interview tommorrow at a Catholic School within the Diocese of Augsburg.
Thank you for interceding for Britt and 24 week old Skarin.May the rest of the pregnancy go well until birth.
For all the servers from St Mang who are on holiday in a hut in the mountains with no heating or electric.May the weather improve for them.

For all Priests that they may be holy and lead prayerful lives.

For all who have left the Priesthood.

Please pray for  Brit. She is on her way to the hospital in preterm labor. She is now 22 weeks and little Skarin (my grandson) is not big enough to make it outside his Momma's womb.

May you also light a candle for my first baby - Zacary - who would've been 5 tomorrow, August 4th (feast of St. John Vianney).  He was miscarried at 10 weeks.
Thank you!

For a two year old little girl with earache,bleeding nose,clogged up eyes due to an extremely bad cold
29 July
Thank you for your prayers that I passed my examinations.

Please,kindly continue praying for me that God may heal me and grant me financial blessing.Please help me through your prayers.
For a lady who has not seen her son for 20 years,that a re-umification may occur

Please pray for my sister Loretta who was diagnoised with Cancer cells in the lining of her left lung after breast Cancer.Please pray for total healing of her body and mind. Thank You
Charlet Clark Baton Rouge Louisiana USA

Please pray for total healing from Rhumatoid Arthritis, Thyroid problem and pain in my left eye. I believe in a miracle for total healing of my body, mind, and spirit.
Thank you.C:LO

Please pray for my neice, Lilloian Clarks lives in Hirsceim , was Diagnoised in may with Muscular sclerosis. Pray for total body healing so that she can care for her infant son and husband.....Thank you.

For healing of G who has headaches,burning eyes and high fever.

28 July
For Cindy and her family in New Orleans.

For healing of A who has fever.

27 July
For M who has lost her job and is very depressed.Please help her to find another job so she can support her family.
26th July
For healing of a septic toe.
25th July
For John Newton & his family
24th July
For those who have lost their faith

20 July
 Bl. Seelos,
Please be with me this week as I study for my CNA licensing exam, and guide my mind and my hands when I take the exam on July 25th. Thank you for helping my depression to improve so miraculously, Bl. Seelos.
God Bless You.
17 July
Dorothy is need of your prayers, adrenal glands have completely shut down, severe headaches, Cushing's disease, & a miracle will allow her to walk again; her daughter, Leigh, started new chemo pill for breast cancer; Bruce, God's favor; Jim, a touch from God. Thank you & we will pray for you also.

15 July
I have being diagnosed with breast cancer I am going trough treatments please say a prayer so I could fight this I have a young daughter that I need to be strong for

After an ultrasound examination last Tuesday 7/7/09 my baby was
diagnosed with Anencephaly, a fatal nueral tube defect.

11 July
I am a grandmother who recently lost my grandson after 26 days it was
one of the hardest things I've ever been through in my life.Please pray for us.

7 July
My husband and I have been trying for another baby. I can not seemed to get pregnant. We have tried everything, I am beginning to lose hope that I will never be able to carry one. I know it takes time but, I would like to hold one more of my own. My Mom has a foster daughter who will have her son taken away (she is not taking care of him) but in my heart I can not take him in my home. He is the same age as my son if he was born on his due date. I just can not hold him and think he is my own without looking for my beloved son Zachary. Please pray for me. I know things will work out for the best. Michelle

5 July
Blessed Seelos,
Please pray and intercede for me so that I may get the job at HCPF I interviewed for last week. I am running out of time to find something permanent, and this worry is making my illness worse. Thank you for your prayers and intercession.
Hello to the Blessed,
please pray for my soul and my family's.
i have been diaganosed with pancreatic cancer and i just want peace for myself and the world.
Thank you for everything you are doing in the Lord's name
Carol Moe
1st July
My sister-in-law is in her final days of life and I would love to put a relic under her pillow. Please keep her in your prayers (Belinda - 51 - dying of metastatic breast cancer). Her younger sister Tracy died in March of the same disease. God bless you.
Arlene Gundersen
30 June
Mark from Spokane
29 June
Brian and Helen Schuettler
28 June
For peace in the world and especially within families

22 June
For Father Bala living in India who is a Diocesan Youth Director.May his ministrybe renewed and may he find many graces to enable him to continue his ministry dispite being heavily weighed down with the extreme poverty and threats he lives with daily.We pray also for the youth he serves in his ministry.

19 June
For Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and all Bishops & Priests in the world.We pray that on the 1st day of the "YEAR FOR PRIESTS" all Priests will become holier and increase in their faith.We pray that all the faithful will pray dailly for their priests so that they can continue to bring the light of the Gospel message to all.

17 June
 Please,kindly keep me in your daily prayers that God may heal me,grant me financial blessing and help me pass my examination.Please pray for me.Alma

For healing of a physical injury to a young boy.

16 June
For peace in the world

15 June
For priestly vocations from the 4 Parishes of the Füssen partnership.

13 June
For grace to calm my temper.MP

12 June
8 June
Please,continue praying for me that God may heal me,grant me financial blessing and help me pass my examination.Please pray for me.

7 June
For all Priests who are give their lives to God.May they all increase in Holiness.For all Lapsed Priests
6th June

For a Priest with Cancer that he may continue to offer his life to Christ in all that he does
4th June
For Myke & Miriam Rosenthal-English on their 15th Wedding Anniversary.May their priority in life be to always do God's will-not their will!

1st June
For a young boy with a medical problem

26th May
For Journalist, George P. Matysek Jr. and his family.

For Anna-Marie,a young mother suffering a very rare form of cancer and now in lots of pain.

25th May
Please pray that I have the money to pay my phone bill, water bill, and other bills.  I'm unemployed, and I'm very worried about finances. Please pray that everything works out.  Please pray that I start working soon.

Please pray that my lady friend and I grow closer in love, trust, and understanding.

Please pray for my special intentions. 

Thank you for your prayers.

24th May
That my deafness be cured soon and that my Mom and other family are in heaven or getting there
Phil in NYC

22nd May
Blessed Seelos,
I thank you for following God's Calling to the vocation of priesthood. May more hear this calling and follow. I thank you for all the blessings you have brought to God.  If it is God's will, may you, Blessed Seelos, go before our Father and ask for His healing power over Brain Cancer in His young son, Christopher.  It is only God that can heal him.  We ask this through you, all the angels and saints to Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit and GOd our Father. Amen.

21st May
For Michelle who lost Zachary due to stillbirth 10/07/08.Also for her older daughter who misses him so much and wants him back!May she be given the grace to understand and accept God's will in all this

20th May
For peace in a family.May the Holy Spirit really be allowed to enter the hearts of them all so they show the love and example of Jesus to all including themselves.

19th May
In Thanksgiving for favours received

17th May
For a member of the congregation here  in Füssen who has 4 children and is suffering from cancer.May she be healed and may her family show much love and support to her.

4th May
Please pray for Sr Maria Ancilla, this is so painful, she is distraught, her mother died on Mercy Sunday ( the day of her clothing!) and no one told her,  she just got a note today  from a friend, a Requiem Mass !!!and it was two weeks ago.

For the mother od Sister Maria Ancilla,May she rest in Peace in the arms of Jesus.

For a family facing homelessness if their lanlord does as their 3 neighbours have requested and sells his home.

3rd May
For all the children of St Peter & St Paul,Hopfen am See & Acht Seligkeiten,who made their 1st Holy Communion today.May they continue to follow Christ and receive him regulaly in their lives.

2nd May
For Father Frank Deuring,Parish Priest of the church where you were Baptised,Confirmed and made your 1st Holy Communion, on his 10th anniversary of being a priest.May your intercession gain many graces for him and may he see you as an excellent Priest to imitate in his life.

For Sister  Maria Seraphina of Our Heavenly Father who makes her solemn proffesion today into the Poor Clare Colettinne Order

1st May
For healing of a neck injury

27th April
We pray for all those affected by the flu outbreak in Mexico.We remember especially all those who feel frightened at this time.May they find strength and hope in the arms of Our Blessed Lord.May many return to His love due to this,may all of us realise that this is not our real home as Christians and may we all be prepared for our death when it comes,so that we may be worthy to enter THE KINGDOM GOD HAS PREPARED FOR US. 

26th April
For all children who made their 1st Holy Communion in St Mang Basilica,Füssen & St Walburga,Weißensee.May they always follow their faith in Jesus Christ and regulaly recieve Our Blessed Lord in Holy Communion and regulaly make a good confession.

25th April
Sr Maria Seraphina of Our Heavenly Father who will make her solemn profession next Saturday, May 2nd.

24th April
Could we please ask you to pray to Blessed Seelos for a very, very dear friend of the community and our webmaster, Joseph Mary, he has been in chronic pain for over a week, is on heavy medication and still in pain, he had an MRI yesterday and awaits results, please pray that the doctors find out the root of his problem and he gets the help he needs, in the past he has had numerous spinal ops, sepsis last year and pneumonia this year !!! he's not 60 !!! thank you very much......

23rd April
For Jane Caplin and renewal of her faith

22nd April
For continuation of a job,which may end soon.

21st April
For my mother ,that she will gain many graces from God during her constant sufferings due to pain,illness and old age.

Please pray for my daughter. Right now she in in the hospital after totally dehydrating. She is having a rough day today.


20th April
For Sr Maria Ancilla of Christ the King.a newly professed Poor Clare Colletine sister.May she be inspired by Christ the King to great holyness.

19th April
Thanksgiving for favours received

16th April
I have severe health problems and financial problems.I humbly request you to keep me in your daily prayers that God may heal me and grant me financial blessing.I need your prayers.Pray for me.

15th April
There are two things that are heavy on my heart right now. The first is my Daughter. She gave me the news last week that I am going to be a Grandma. Her body is now threatening to miscarry.

The second is our Church. Our Minister of 30 years has retired. Our new Minister started yesterday. Be in prayer that all will go well for him and his family as they relocate here.


14th April
Bitte beten sie für Priesterberufe.
Franz Xaver Seelos war für die Bildung junger Priester verantwortlich.
Prälat Karlheinz Knebel

13th April
We have been praying to Blessed Seelos for this sisters mother ( in the Philippines) we had notification 2 weeks ago she was dying, but she went home two days ago and is being nursed at home !!!!
Poor Clare Collettine Sisters,Wales,UK, who have a new sister clothed on Saturday.It is her mother who is ill.

2nd April

25th March
Pray for Liz who has suffered the loss of two babies.One was lost 30/10/2008 and the other 9/2/2009.It was the second babies due date today and she is very sad.

For Jeri who lost Julianna in 2006 and Jordan in 2009.

Thanks for favours received due to your intervention,Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos
16th February
 Please pray for

1.Pray for K.V Johnson,Alphonsa Johnson & Kevin Johnson that each one of them may be blessed with the fruits of the holy spirit, be sanctified with Jesus's most precious blood & be made worthy of our lord's eternal salvation, especially pray for the gift of faith, wisdom & a generous spirit.

2.Pray for Ms.Andrea Johnson suffering from severe form of obesity & has suffered much emotional grief & social isolation that the Lord may take pity on her & with his love & mercy heal her physical,emotional & spiritual wounds & may transform her physically.Pray also that she may be blessed with the courage,strength & the gift of deep faith & joy to do god's will in all things & grow to love and serve him always in all things.

3.Pray for Shine Abraham,suffering from low-self confidence,depression, excessive rationality that disallows him to believe or have faith in Jesus or in God & is also addicted to alcohol & smoking that the Lord may reveal himself to him & help him experience the Lord's mercy,love & power & that he may be blessed with the fruits of the holy spirit & the gift of faith & wisdom that he may grow to love and serve the Lord in all things & live a life that is in accordance with his will & may also experience the true love, joy,peace & security which only our Lord can give.Also pray for his physical healing of acute backache & weight problems that the lord may heal him completely.Also pray that he may find suitable employment according to his qualifications & may have a successful career & truly repent for his sins & know god,please pray for his forgiveness of sins.

4.Pray for Santosh Abraham, Eliyamma Abraham,Sherin Abraham,Prakash Abraham,Annie Abraham & Shiny Abraham that each one of them may be sanctified with Jesus's precious blood & be healed of their emotional & spiritual wounds & that they may be blessed with the fruits of the holy spirit & the gift of faith,joy & wisdom.Pray that the Lord may take mercy on them & forgive them their sins & ignorance,save their souls, making each one worthy of his eternal salvation. Also pray that they may be filled with love & peace & be blessed with courage & strength to do the Lord's will in all things & that they may grow to love & serve our Lord always in all things.Specially pray for Prakash Abraham for his emotional & mental healing & that he may get deliverance from his addiction to alcohol that the Lord may shower his love & mercy & save his soul.

5.Pray for Mrs.Annama John,lying paralysed since the last 3 yrs that the Lord may have mercy on her & forgive her sins & bless her with a peaceful death.Pray especially for her two sons & his family, Antony.t.John & his family, daughters Gracy & her family, Celine & her family, Josephine & her family, Sherly & her family & all their children that each one of them may be sanctified with Jesus's precious blood, be blessed with the fruits of the holy spirit & forgive them their sins & make them worthy of the Lord's eternal salvation.

6.Pray for the souls of Vareed, Rosy,John,Fr.Thermadom,Sr.celestine & nigel & all the departed souls of our ancestors that they may be released from the confines of purgatory & be led into eternal life.Also pray for the souls in purgatory that the Lord may have mercy on them & bless them with his mercy & love & lead their souls to heaven.

1st February
Joseph Mizzi R.I.P. Died 31st January 2009 aged 82 in Malta.:Please remember his family as well.May they come back to the one,true faith.

30th January
I was visiting a priest friend of mine yesterday and he was telling me about a couple in his parish that recently came to him for counseling, healing and help in light of the loss of their child. The mother was in her fifth month and they decided to find out the sex of the baby, so got an ultrasound, only to be told that the baby had not developed a brain and they wanted to "deliver" the baby the next day. This is when they contacted their priest (my friend) and sought his counsel in the matter. They ended up waiting and not going through with a delivery. About a week later they went back for another ultrasound and it was then discovered that there was no amniotic fluid nor any baby - it likely dissolved after having died in utero. They are both grieving greatly and are having hard times, as they have four other children, who are finding things difficult, too.Please pray for this couple and their family.My hope is that our prayers will comfort them, Krista

18th Jan
For my father who has been a hypertension patient for the past 10 years and it has now resulted to an enlarged heart which makes the situation worst i pray for Blessed Seelos intersection so that he may be healed.
Also for my mother who has a problem with her vertebral column for the past 5 years and a half i pray Blessed Seelos to intercede for her for healing too.
For JOJo who has been a tremendous blessing in my life let his plans and project of having his papers and passing his board be answered through your intersection Blessed Seelos.
For my bother in jail back home please intercede for him so that when he comes out he should be a changed person.
For all my juniors especially those who are preparing to write the GCE that through your intersection they will all make it.
For me and all my endeavor particularly for the one of becoming an RN let the almighty see me through through your intersection Blessed Seelos.

Through the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph
and Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, I humbly request your prayers for
CLARA and SYLVIA , may our Eternal Father thru His Son our Lord Jesus
Christ bestow upon them the blessings and graces to succeed on their
mission to recover their resources to settle their financial obligations.

I sincerely thank you for your prayers and may the Lord's Divine
Mercy be with you all.



  One of my very dear friends just got a positive pregnancy test.  She has 5 healthy babies and 6 angel babies.  She is such a loving, wonderful person.she just recently stopped breastfeeding (at a year) so that she could try and conceive this next little blessing.  She is so excited!!!!! Please keep her in your prayers that this is a sticky baby!

God Bless,



 Thank you for helping to find a job for my wife

For peace in our family and help controlling our tempers,that love may once again blossom

For healing of a lady who has suffered a nervous breakdown.For  healing of her  spirit.

Healing for my company CMG and our english team that we will receive better campaigns from our customers so we can keep our jobs. healing for me personally that I can continue making sales, keep my work schedule and heal health problems, tks for your prayers, abundance of blessings to you. Angela

We are asking for you to pray with us that we will be able to accept God's will for us &  our new baby. We of course are begging God that everything will be OK, which is only human. Dennis & Sherry

Please say a little prayer for my little bean. Jamie

Please pray for my friends Richard and Samantha whose baby was still born at 5 months.  A hard loss to accept.

Pray for physical healing for James. Pray for his drinking problem and conversion.

Prayers needed for JCM trials. Pray to god to bless and protect him.

We ask for the success of an operation tomorrow-11th June 2008

To pray for my family and my dear sister Blanka who died on June 25 of last year at the age of 31.
Marcel Flisiuk

Oh my goodness!!!! I am the mommy of another child.  I am going to have another baby!!!!!!!!
!!!    This baby is very unexpected......not unwanted though.  I am very excited, scared, and anxious all at the same time.  I really want a big family and at 30 years old, I don't have much time to waste, but wow....
Please keep us in your prayers. 
God Bless,

Please pray for us. We might have to deliver early.


Please pray for my friends Richard and Samantha whose bay was still born at 5 months.  A hard loss to accept.

I had a miscarriage in November, 2007 and had mailed you asking for your prayers in that moment of loss and pain. God has been with through the past 6 months, strengthening and sustaining us with his loving grace. We have come to know that His grace is sufficient for us. Praise God. I am very happy to let you know that I am carrying now. It is early in the pregnancy but I couldn't keep from testifying of His love to brothers and sisters who have prayed for me. Thank you so much for your prayers and above all, Glory, Praise and Honour be unto Lord God Almighty. Please remember me in your prayers. Once again, Praise God!!!!!!

Thanks and regards,

 Had miscarriage in January. Pregnant again end of February scan last
week showed no heartbeat. Another scan this Friday to see if there is a
heartbeat.I am hoping and praying its good news. My heart goes out to
others who are suffering at this time.


Please pray that my lady friend and I grow closer in love, trust, and understanding. 
Please pray that God blesses, protects, and nourishes our relationship.
Please pray that one day we begin dating.
Thank you.

We lost our baby May 21 2007 due to ectopic pregnancy and are grieving still. Please pray for healing of our hearts, and that we may be able to conceive and bring children into the world. Thank you and God Bless.

 Can you please pray for my baby son Codey Christain Tyler Rogers who died on the 9th of February due to myself having taken a drug issued by my consultant. He was stillborn at 34weeks and he weighed 6lb. Can you please tell him that his mummy,daddy,sister Cheyanne and big brother Kiowa love him so so much and miss him more than words could possible say. Can you tell him that he will always be in his mummys heart and when it is my time I shall join him, we shall be united as one again. Take good care of my baby Codey God. He is a very special baby and so beautiful, can you also pray that my other two children are looked over and remain safe. Thank you for doing this it means a lot to me.

In the last three years, I had my faith tested more than a few times. Please pray that I may be strong enough to face whatever god is sending me. At this moment I don't know if I can hold on much longer. 
Also pray for my two departed babies Lars and Cameron.
Melanie Layman
I had miscarriage in January .  Pregnant again end of February scan last week showed no heartbeat .  Another scan this friday to see if there is a heartbeat.  I am hoping and praying its good news.  My heart goes out to others who are suffering at this time.

Kate, was 39 weeks pregnant and due next week.  She has experienced 2 previous miscarriages.She went into labor Thursday night. Kate's baby died in utero due to a cord accident.
Please pray for my friend.   We have been through a lot together and it hurts so much to see her go through this loss.  Please pray that Kate and her family will be able to get through this terrible experience and that she will be blessed with another living child.  Please also pray that her faith does not falter.

please pray for the success and the ability to do a good job for John Ontko. Pray for his confidence, well-being, peace, favor and good health.

Today is one year since we lost our little boy, Lewis Francis, at 16 weeks gestation.  At present we are expecting another and I have made it to 19 weeks this time.  I'm hoping I'll stop having miscarriage dreams soon.  But, all is well and we are so grateful to God for all his gifts.
God bless,

 Please keep my sister-in-law Kristi, her husband Ryan, and their new
little one in your prayers for an uneventful pregnancy.

prayer for the right job for my husband Ken, at the right pay and the right match between his gifts and talents ~ This has been a very stressful time for our family 
Many Blessings

For relief of pain and healing of disease in a young boy

For healing of a broken foot

Please pray that I get new job soon.The current one is making me very depressed since I do not agree with their standard of care. Please pray that one of the local places call me about an opening since I am not sure how much longer I can stay there. Please, pray for me!Lisa Kay

Please deliver Michael from the the evil spirits that are afflicting him and preventing him from his religious vocation.  Thank you.
Please pray for my unborn child.  I lost my last baby at 39 weeks and I pray to God he will let me have this one.  Laura Hampson

Pray for my daughter Avila. She's 3 now and growing well, but her health problems remain. She had an appt at the hospital today and had an x-ray. She needs to have a bowel biopsy and a bowel clear out.
She is doing reasonably well; although she still gets ill and has a lot of pain.
I am glad the docs are going to try and help her-but a bit worried all the same.
God bless

Please that my son will never leave Jesus at all and give a my to make future decisions that pleases Jesus.Regina Celine.

Please pray that our next pregnancy will be healthy as we lost our child Hailey Molloy at 23 weeks of pregnancy to a fatal condition called Hydrops Fetalis
Please, pray for my dear friend and I. May God grant us the grace to continue working together in the school which is still under our leadership. May God protect us from all evil and from every attempt from the part of others to separate us. May He continue to bless and guard our friendship and our mission, and make us ever fruitful in our relationship with each other and with all those who surround us. Please, continue to keep us and our school family in your prayers at a daily basis: Although some positive steps have already been taken, there is still a stubborn on going process of discernment about the validity and modality of our mission in the school. May the Good Lord enlighten all parties involved--especially those who are in authority over us--and manifest clearly his approving will regarding the school in itself, as well as regarding our role of leadership. We earnestly count on your daily prayers and spiritual support. May God bless us through your heartfelt prayers and inner solidarity. May God bless you too in all your needs and endeavors.Gamila

Dear Blessed Seelos,Please intercede for me that I may find work to support my family.

I pray that my departed baby, Blaise Ansgar is resting peacefully in the arms of Jesus and Mary. May Jesus unite us in eternity. Amen

 Please pray for Frankie Adamo, a little boy with a brain tumor, not expected to live beyond St. Valentine Day. -Tom

Please pray that my little boy is with God now and knows how much I love him

 I pray for my unborn child to be there waiting for me at the golden doors of heaven and keep her granddaddy busy!!!

My new grandson, Dorian Valo, is in the ICU. they have not figured out
is wrong with him. he was ok after his birth for about 15 min, then
started having respiritory problems. four hours later he seemed to
being ok and was reunited with mom. after feeding and a bath, he
crashed. after transfer to the hospital, he again seemed to be fine,
then crashed again two hrs after arriving. of course, my daughter is
scared. please pray that the doctors are able to find out what is wrong, get Dorian well
and home with his mom and dad. thank you.-Brenda

Please pray to Blessed Father Seelos (recently just heard of him)for Claire, who has cancer and is at the end of her treatments.  She babysits(with help) our grandson, who is 2.  I am the other grandmother, and I have lung cancer for the 2nd time.  I have begun praying to Blessed Fr Seelos for both of us.  However, Claire is such a wonderful person, that if there is a cure, I have made it clear, it should be her.  If another cure can be, then, if it be God's will, I can be helped. Thank you so much!  We're both in our 60's and live in Pennsylvania, USA-Maureen

We are having a boy and he looks strong.The questionable news 
is that they found what is called an echogenic bowel. Keep us in your prayers.-Sharon

Please pray for Colleen Ontko to get pregnant and to have a healthy baby soon.-Colleen

I'm lost as well after loosing two babies...struggling with faith but trying not to loose it...

liriam xxx
My friend who lost her baby due to a blighted ovum last September just
told me she is pregnant again.  She is so nervous.  I think we can all
relate to that.  Please pray that God will bless her with her first
living child.   Please pray that she has the strength to handle
whatever comes her way.
Please remember my friend. God Bless,Jamie

one of my friends who had a still born baby girl last may who has just found she is pregnant again.  The placenta ruptured before anyone could do anything for her.

I am having my first sonogram tomorrow and I'm a little nervous. My
last pregnancy ended in a blighted ovum--we didn't see the baby on the
sono. I'm praying that it's God's will for us to see our little baby
tomorrow. I'm 8wks and so we should see our little baby. Say a prayer
for us. We really would love to have this child be a part of our lives
and it would be great for our dauther Theresa to have a sibling.
She'll be 5 yrs old on Dec. 12th. I always thought I've have more
children by now. This is my 5th pregnancy. Oh..wish me luck and the
strength to get through each day.
Thanks for listing.Sharon

Until today, my pregnancy seemed to be going well.  Checkups each week have been quick, and there's been nothing happening, really.  A few contractions here and there, but nothing serious.  Today my weekly appointment did not go well.  My blood pressure was 142/80, although it did come down to 110/60 after lying down for about five minutes.  I've been reading about preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome online, and I think that I have several symptoms that I've been passing off as nothing, like rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, and pain in my upper abdominals on the right side.  But, I think being so close to my due date is in my favor.  I am scared to have a c-section, I don't know how I'll keep up with Audrey if I can't get out of bed.  The only person who can come and help is my mother-in-law, and while I would take the help and be very thankful and appreciative, it would also be very stressful to have her over for an extended stay.  Could you pray for me to have a safe, uneventful, vaginal delivery?  Thanks so much!!Sara

Thank you for your prayers.  I'm starting to get really nervous that our new little one is going to be born tomorrow.  I'm not sure how to feel about having another baby on the exact day that we lost Christian.  I really appreciate your prayers!Sara

Please pray for my daughter, Sarah Flores, to bring her back into the Catholic Church.

 We lost our baby due to a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. D&c was done on 19th November. We both are going through so much of anguish and a feeling of loss and emptiness at this time. Please pray for us and above that, please pray that God Almighty will heal us mentally and physically and bless us with a healthy baby soon. We are hoping for it by March, so please pray for this matter. Thank You so much for your prayers.

 Please pray for my daughter, Sarah Flores, to bring her back into the Catholic Church.-Sharon 

Seliger Pater Franz Xaver Seelos,
bittebei Gott für die jungen Menschen in unseren Pfarreien in Füssen, daß sie einen großmütigen Glauben finden und Jesus Christus nachfolgen.
Monsignor Karlheinz Knebel